Twisted Updo + Rod Set Curls

Last Saturday I had the esteemed pleasure of hosting Return of the Curls: Curls Gone Wild Kentucky Hair Expo.  As the host I would be on my feet smiling, interacting and answering questions for 8 hours.  This of course meant a trip to the salon for a style that was both flashy and functional.  When I have work to do I like to have my hair put up and out of the way, a style that stands up to travel/activity and won’t turn me into a shrieking violet as my hair likes to shrink when I get hot + sweaty. I also want to try something a little different.

natural hair updo roller set rod set derby city naturals

I made an appointment with Te’Anna of Natural Alternatives Salon for a natural style up-do. My stylists are in fact geniuses because they have come to understand “Haley-speak”. Haley speak is my feelings or emotions set to words and hand gestures to describe how I want my hair. I told her “Te, I want an updo. Flat twists up the crown, angled to one side. Curls in the front swirly like the bottom of a waterfall that show off my blue bangs.  But don’t make me look like an eggplant.”  Mmmhmm you understand that? Luckily she did.

natural hair twisted updo rod set curls derby city naturals

Get This Style In 4 Easy Steps

  1. After washing, conditioning and detangling my hair, Te applied a heat protectant and lightly blew my hair out.  I have my hair blown out when doing these styles to decrease my time under the dryer which is my most hated thing. The goal is get the hair 70% dry and lightly stretched.
  2. Flat twist the back and left side of the hair upward from the nape of the neck to the crown.  Stop twisting once you reach the crown and secure with a roller clip to prevent unraveling.  We used Lace Naturals More Moisture cream to twist and moisturize the hair.  Set the crown on medium sized perm rods using setting lotion or foam.
  3. After sitting under the dryer remove rods and clips from hair (make sure your hair is 100% dry before removing rollers) secure in place using bobby or hairpins.  I sat under the dryer for about 55 minutes.  We left my curls intact because this style was done a day before the event.
  4. Lightly oil your fingertips and gently uncoil each curl into 3 or 4 sections depending on size.

It was important to me that my curls stayed off my face for the most part and out of my eyes. For a more elongated curl you can use bigger perm rods or flexi rods.  If you are a terrible roller like myself you can two-strand twist the hair before setting on rollers which will provide a similar effect.  This style is great for all hair lengths.  If you hair is not long enough to set on rollers you can finger coil or comb coil for a similar look.


Chescalocs Inspired Yarn Locs Updo

I simply adore Chescalocs, she helps feed into my loc obsession.  So when I installed my waist-length yarn locs I could not wait to try some of her loc tutorials.

Chesca posted this how-to vid for her Funky Sculpted Next UpDo This is my interpretation.  I added a flower because I am a fancy-pants. What do you think?

The Easy Updo

I am convinced that bobby pins are tools of the devil.  They poke, they prod and they love to play hide-n-seek in my coils.  I have always admired those who were able to sculpt their hair into magnificent updo styles, but that ability has always escaped me and I blame the bobby pin.  It always seems that no matter how many bobby pins (or hair pins) I use I just cannot get my hair to “stay”.  So I watched with a gleam in my eye hoping that one day, I too would be able to one day perfect the updo.

Here ye, here ye, let it henceforth be known that I have perfected the updo.

…and I did it without bobby pins #pow! So how did I do it? Let me introduce you to my new best friend Scunci Upzingoh yes, meet the Scunci Upzing.  This tool is genius!  It is two side combs attached by stretchy i-cord. It is super easy to use: simply slide a comb in on one side, then grab the other comb and slide in on the other.  Done.  The I-cord in the middle helps keep the hair in place and also prevent the combs from slipping.

I have been wearing this style all week in a variety of different ways.  I first wore my hair in two-strand twists using Entwine Creme de la Mold.  After a few days I took the twists down and wore a twist-out.  I have changed the the style several times wearing an updo with side bangs, a pompadour and ninja bun, faux french roll with bangs, faux french roll with loose flat-twist bang (see above) as this style was so easily transferable.

The Scunci Upzing can be found almost anywhere hair accessories are sold Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart or online at Amazon.  I even heard that there is a cheapy knock-off at dollar stores.  This is the best $3 I have ever spent.  So if you like me are bobby pin impaired you really need to check out the Upzing.

this is the first updo I did while my hair was still in twists 

faux french roll w bangs done on twist-out

Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo Natural Hair 1
White Party Bound

Last week was Derby here in Louisville and while the purpose is a 2 minute race run by 3 year-old horses, real Louisvillians know the main event is all the parties!  My curlfriends and I were headed to the Eve of Elegance All White Party.  This is a pretty swanky event held at the historic Galt House Hotel. 

My goal was to look fly, sophisticated and sexy so I was going to rock a fierce twist-out which is my go to style.  However after watching this vid posted by Natural Review I decided to try my hand at a twisted updo and save myself the heartache of having sweat my hair out to a big puffy mess!

Twisted Updo Natural Hair 2So this was my hair before, earlier in the day.  I simply put in chunky 2 strand twists with a right-side part.

In the video the vlogger pinned her hair to the side but I was in no mood to dig for bobby pins so I had my daughter, french braid my twists on the right side of my head in a sweeping motion down and around and secured the braid with a small clip.  Yep, that was it.  Below are 360 pics. Twisted Updo Natural Hair 4 Twisted Updo Natural Hair 5 Twisted Updo Natural Hair 3

Do you have a creative style to add life to your twists? Share it here with us :)