Natural Hairstyle Chunky Twists

I used to hate chunky twists.  I just thought they looked absolutely awful on me.

And then, well, they didn’t.

I was preparing to go to my cousin’s baby shower and wanted to flaunt a fabulous ‘do.  The twist-out is my go to style but I was too tired to twist my hair as normal so I decided to rock out with 24 twist (4 in the back + 6 in the middle + 4 on each side above my ears + 6 on top) this is half of the amount of twists I normally do.  I planned on throwing a knit cap over them in anticipation of a fugly look but it turns out that I actually like the way it looked.  More than that I was able to complete them in 30 minutes, score!

Chunky Twists

Chunky Twist-Out  I tried this style several more times since then and will have more posts including product review on Bee Mine Curly Butter used to create it and ways to style your twist-out.


Simple Elegant Updo

As I shared before I am bobby-pin challenged so my updo’s are at the mercy of what I can manage with hair combs or my Sunci Upzing.  A couple weeks ago I saw a hairstyle  post by Tia of Her Best Hair (via Curl Rehab blog hop) and I knew I had to try this fabulous ‘do.

Inspired by this YT vid 

she recreated this style on her natural hair with what appears to be twist-out.  I was so in love with this style I decided to try it out for myself. I did this style on twisted hair but you can just as easily do it in on loose hair (stretched or unstretched) or locs.

This might just be my new favorite style!  If you decide to try it be sure to send in a pic :)

Natural Hair Doesn’t Mean Unkempt

Some of ya’ll are going to like this and some of ya’ll won’t; let me clear my throat. *rolls up sleeves, this is going to get messy*

I am a lover of naturally curly hair.  Fros, curls, braids, locs and twists they are all awesome to me.  But what I am not fond of is hair that is unkempt.  Hair that is lumpy, tangled, dry, the proverbial “bed head look” I am calling foul.  There are a couple myths that are going around and we naturals are the originators of the fallacy: “natural hair means never having a bad hair day”.  That is just a lie.  This is not a “good hair” vs. “bad hair” discussion and has nothing to do with hair types.  Is does have to with hair that has not been attended to or taken care.

It is no secret that curly hair is dry and prone to tangles.  It needs daily TLC of proper moisture and detangling (less if you are wearing a protective style) but it is not simply care free.  It is important to note that moisturizing without sealing is futile.  And while you can detangle your hair it will inevitably dry and curl up causing it to retangle.  If choose to wear a fro you must take extra care to make sure you are sealing in the moisture and that you carry a pick with you so that you can reshape accordingly throughout the day.

When I see people out and about with dry matted hair it irks me.  Not because they are giving me a bad name, but because their hair is crying out for TLC and it is so easy to do.  It really saddens me when I see this in children.  This issue was discussed previously by YTer UHeardMe1stTime

We all have bad hair days but some of ya’ll are having a bad hair “season”. Which brings me  to another natural hair fallacy: “natural hair means never having to go to the salon.” Say what? Some of us are very talented braiders, twisters and come up with great original styles.  Others have mastered the wash-n-go.  But then there are those who truly have no clue.  There is no shame in going to the salon, I feel that when you look good you feel good.  It is also a great way to pamper yourself and you are worth it!  While I have no problem styling my hair I would love to have my tresses blessed by Felicia Leatherwood or     Camille Reed.

So what are your thoughts?

Product Review Komaza Care Coconut Hair Pudding

 Komaza Care

Coconut Hair Pudding

$15.50 for 8 oz

ing: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil Dipalmitoylethyldimonium Chloride (A derivitive of Palm Oil) aloe vera, acrylates, alkyl acrylates, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate 20, Cinnamon Cassia.

First impression: This gel smells delish and has a tropical coconut scent.  It is white/clear with light gelly like feel.  Not sticky or greasy feel is similar to that of aloe vera gel.

When trying a new hair gel I prefer to use it as a wash-n-go styler.  For me this is the real test for any styler.  I want it to define curls, provide light hold w/o crunch, keep frizz at bay and give at least 2nd day hair.  

I applied the Coconut Hair Pudding on wet hair freshly cleansed and conditioned hair without a leave-in underneath.  The gel went on smoothly and my curls looked fine however, CHP has no hold to it.  While that was fine for my hair in the back which is looser and easily defined it was no match for the crazy frizzy section at my crown. As a WnG styler I would recommend this for those with loose curls who just need a bit of moisture and perfer light stylers with little hold.  For me I decided to use it to 2 strand twist my hair and coupled it with Komaza Care Moku Hair Butter on top to seal in moisture.  I set my twists on rollers to produce a twist-n-curl result seen below–please disregard the random twists sticking out I had been traveling and slept on the airplane. 

After a few days I took the twists down and wore a twist-out.  I can say that the CHP and MHB kept my hair soft and moisturized for several days.  I only had to wet and reapply to the front of my hair which is looser.  In the future I might couple it with a little KMF UMG in the front for more hold. I really liked this twist-out and received tons of compliments on my hair it lasted another 2-3 days (without re-twisting at night) and the curls stayed in place.

Final thoughts: this was a nice twisting gel but did not perform well as wash-n-go styler.  I would not repurchase this gel just for twisting.  I do however like the Komaza Care Califia Styling Pudding which has a bit more hold and is able to handle my frizzy crown with more control.  I do think this would be great for those sporting TWA who need a little definition without the crunch of most other gels or those with looser curls who do not require additional hold for definition.

Aevin Dugas: Hair Like A Disco Ball

 In case you haven’t heard Aevin Dugas has a HUGE fro.  Okay maybe that is an understatement.  She is the Guinness World Records holder of the largest afro which measures 4 feet – 4 inches in circumference which is the size of a disco ball.

And while her 12 year natural hair journey has yielded impressive feats I am most impressed by her regimen.  In an interview with Curly Nikki she shared:

My regimen is pretty simple. I shampoo with Suave Clarifying, then follow with Suave Almond and Shea and Garnier Fruictis Triple Nutrition. Then I condition with Aussie Moist, Garnier Fructis Triple nutrition, Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance, Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Dove Intense Moisture. During the week I work out, so I leave the conditioner in and put my hair up into a donut or a french braid. Then by Thursday, if I have plans for the weekend, I’ll rinse the conditioner, shampoo again with the Triple Nutrition then style.  Believe it or not, I use a lot of over the counter products. One of my favorites is Aussie 3 Minute Miracle!

Yep, you read that right she uses regular drug store commercial products. No biotin supplements or other horse pills, specialty hair tonics or expensive treatments.  Healthy scalps with grow hair, most people do not have a problem growing hair as long as you are nourished, hydrated and have no medical conditions your hair will grow.  Now there are genetics which can encourage some to have more accelerated growth than others, but there is nothing you can do about that.  What most people struggle with is not hair growth, but rather retention of said growth.  Breakage, split ends, knots and tangles can all interfere with hair retention.  No matter how much hair you have you must focus on keeping it moisturized, minimizing breakage from styling tools and accessories,  and safely detangling.

And while she loves her afro for looking fly on special occasions she doesn’t wear it picked out all the time.  Her go to styles are buns, two strand twists or french braids. For more on Aevin’s awesome hair including funny stories including getting it stuck in a car door check out her BBC interview.  You can find her favorite products like Suave Almond & Shea Shampoo, Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition and Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner at your local drug store or grocery store.

3 Strand Twists

3 Strand Twists are exactly what they sound like; twisting the hair using 3 strands instead of the typical two.  Actually you can do any number of twists  4, 5, 6, etc.  it is just important that you remember to wrap the strands around as oppose to braiding.  When twisting imagine you are wrapping each strand around like an imaginary may pole.  Here is a great tutorial describing how to 3 strand twist the hair >>>

So why do a 3 Strand twist?  Good question.  The more strands you use the thicker and more compact the resulting twist looks.  Those with fine or stringy hair may appreciate a bigger twist.  Also if you are doing a twist-out your curls will be bigger and more defined.

Here is an up-close shot of my 3-strand twists. These were done on wet hair using Koils By Nature Herbal Gel.  There area aprox 40 twists and this style took about 90 minutes to complete.

I wore these twists for a couple days then decided to take them down for a twist-out.  To unravel I the twists I rubbed them with Koils By Nature Sweet Almond Joy Hair Butter first to smooth them then gently untwisted them.

As you can see the 3ST result in great definition and corkscrew-like curls.  This is an ideal hair style for someone with limp or fine hair, those who want more defined curls or someone who wants big hair.  To increase the volume after you have separated the twists you can further separate each strand.  I normally do this on day 1 or 2 of a twist-out.

Here is the final result of my work.  I hope that this helps raise your interest in trying different styles.  If so please send in your pix and share them with us.

Layering Products 101

A great way to get maximum styling benefit is to layer products.  Layering is a method in which you progressively add products to your hair in order to moisturize, seal, define and finish your hair.  While there is no “right” answer as to how to style your hair other than what works for you this a good place to start.

  1. Start with clean slate.  Wash or co-wash your hair and begin right out of the shower.  You can also stretch your hair by braiding/banding/twisting and allow your hair to dry before starting then spritz lightly with water.
  2. Moisturize. Use a water-based moisturizer or leave-in conditioner (water is the first ingredient) or plant extract like aloe vera gel/juice which is composed mostly of water. It may be found in the form of a spritz or a lotion. Here are a few examples: Aloe Vera Juice (pour in a spray bottle), Oyin Hair Dew, Komaza Care Califia Moisturizing Spray, Pura Body Naturals Sapote Hair Lotion, Shea Moisture Hair Milk and Alaffia Shea & Coconut Hair Lotion, Curls Whipped Cream.
  3. Seal. Sealing is an important step as it helps you retain the moisture you just added to your hair.  Sealants are oil or butter based products that often contain coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, or mineral oil (though I do not advocate the use of mineral oil). Here are a few examples: Coconut oil, shea butter, Koils by Nature Hair & Body Butter, Komaza Care Moku Hair Butter, Yogachi Signature Buster Hair Butter, Pura Body Natural Cupuacu Hair Butter.
  4. Define.  Next is to define those curls and get them poppin! There are both creams and gels that can accomplish this for you.  Here are a few examples: Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Koils by Nature Herbal Gel, Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream, AfroVeda Pur Whipped Gelly, Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel, Eco Styler Gel, Darcy’s Botanicals Curling Jelly.
  5. Finish.  This is the final step in any style that is often overlooked.  By using a finisher you help set your curls, add a touch of shine and give an overall polished look. While this step is not mandatory it will give you that salon look at home.  Here are a few examples: Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade, Kinky Curly Gloss Pomade, Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Hair Mist, Curl Junkie Curls In A Bottle, Jane Carter Solution Nourish and Shine.
It is important to note that some products may serve multiple purposes for example when I use Jane Carter Solution Curl Defining Cream I apply it to wet hair as a moisturizer, sealant and definer as it contains ingredients that sufficiently do all three steps in one.  You may also choose to skip any of these steps as you see what works for your hair.  In this twist-out style below I used only water, aloe vera gel and butter/oil blend and got great results without a definer or a finisher.
Those are my layering tips, have you had any success with layering products? What steps do you use?

The Truth About Ugly Twists…

Let’s face it not all of us are great hairstylists.  I was blessed to have a mother who was a brilliant and creative stylists who adorned me with braids, twists, cornrows and the like. She shared her talents with me and I became responsible for the care of my younger sister and cousin’s hair, hence why it was easy for me to go natural.  But my mother was self taught out of necessity as my Granny knew nothing of hair styling.  I have learned that many newly naturals are in the same boat having no clue what to do when it comes to hair.

The easiest method of styling is twists because at the most basic only requires two strands and the method of wrapping is simple.  But while learning to twist, many naturals often look in the mirror and are dismayed by the “Celie” syndrome.  aaaaahhhhhh!

Celie is a character from the movie, The Color Purple.

Well I am here to share the good news: Even ugly twists make a cute twist-out!  Yep, you heard read that correctly.  Some of my cutest twist-out styles have come from despicable looking twists.

So be encouraged and continue to practice, because practice truly makes perfect especially when it comes to natural hair styling.