A Quick Tour of Earth Fare

Earth Fare Grocery

4320 Summit Plaza Drive Louisville, KY

Here in Louisville I live in the East End of town which means I am spoiled with my choices of health food stores.  Whether its Whole Foods Store, Trader Joes, Rainbow Blossom, Vitamin Shoppe or Fresh Market all are within a few mile radius of my home.  Along with purchasing great food, the awesome thing about these stores is their health and beauty sections which carry great hair, body and cosmetic products that I can find on the ground and try out sans shipping costs.  Earth Fare is an east coast store so I was happy and excited to snoop around to see what they carry.

JK enjoying his 1st ever macaron from Earth Fare Bakery

  • Baby & Child Care- Shampoo, Body wash, etc from Dessert Essence, Weleda and Everyday Shea
  • Natural Soap- Nubian Heritage, Beeluxe, Barlesque, Alaffia African Black Soap, Dr Bronner’s
  • Beauty products- Heritage Products Rose Water, Thayers Witch Hazel
  • Hair Products- Jane Carter Solution, Beautiful Curls, Aubrey Organics and Giovanni
  • Raw Butters & Olis- Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil

Earth Fare carries a lot of the usual suspects we have come to expect from natural stores but there were also a lot of new items like Sparitual nail lacquer which is not only vegan, but  DBP-, toluene-, and formaldehyde- free.  Since the stores opening in early August it is slowly creeping on Whole Foods as my happy place.  Check out these pics from our visit below

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Shop AveYou Beauty Boutique

Have you heard about AveYou?  AveYou.com is an online beauty boutique that retails tons of hair products, make up, nail polish and appliances; its like Amazon for beauty products. The AveYou team is very hip on what’s hot in hair and beauty brands and are constantly adding products to their harem.  The pricing is good and they regularly offer great specials and deals like % off or free shipping.  They also have great giveaways on their FB page and always throw coupons in your package to use on your next order.

5 Things I Love About AveYou

  1. They carry a wide variety of brands for curly girls like: Jessicurl,Entwine, Camille Rose, Curls,Curl Junkie, Deva Curl, Donna Marie, Hydratherma Naturals and PhytoSpecific to name a few.
  2. They ship your orders in these super cute resusable shopping bags.  I have quite a collection of them :)
  3. They ship FAST!  I normally receive a confirmation within a few hours of placing an order, a shipping notice within 24 hours and receive my shipment within 5 days!
  4. Their customer service is amazing!  I had an issue with a shipment and I emailed them late one night.  I had a response email that next morning.
  5. They help solve the “My-favorite-product-manufacturer-is-on-the-opposite-side-of-the-country-and-shipping-is-really-high-dilemma”.  I love Jessicurl products but shipping from California to Kentucky is high (no fault of Jessicurl, just the cost of doing business).  However I can still get my products from AveYou with reduced shipping costs so it is a win for everyone.

Check out AveYou on FB, Twitter and online.  Also they are currently having a promotion of  FREE SHIPPING through Friday 3/30 11:59 pm EST with coupon code SPRINGSHIP12.

Afrobella’s All My Purple Life — Back By Popular Demand

photo courtesy of afrobella.com

In my teens I loved MAC Cosmetics VIVA Glam ads featuring the fabulous Ru Paul.  It reminded me of all things glitz and glamor.  Over the years while I have liked and admired their make-up I never purchased anything from MAC Cosmetics because it was just too dang expensive and I am just too practical.

That all changed when blogger Afrobella was selected to take part of MAC Cosmetic’s blogger obsession line.  Beauty bloggers where allowed to submit a name and a color for a cosmetic and a selected few would be allowed to actually create their idea.  Afrobella created a tinted lipglass called All My Purple Life named after Prince song Erotic City.  I love Prince but purple lipgloss did not seem like it would look good on my but I wanted to support my fellow blogger so I did.

Boy am I ever glad that I did! I LOVE THIS COLOR! It is my fav cosmetic in my arsenal. If I can only put on one thing before rushing out of the house it is definitely this product. It brought me back to my teenage days and the feeling of glitz and glamor.  There are so many different ways to wear this color and change the look by outlining with a lip pencil, wearing it over another lip  color, or changing the amount you apply.  My only regret was that I did not purchase two as the color had a limited time run.  Well thanks to popular demand MAC Cosmetics has re-released the color and it is now available to purchase again for $14.50 + tax! Use coupon code “txt” to receive free standard shipping.

Ayurveda, Patel Brothers & Mixology

Henna.  Amla. Brahmi. Neem.  These are just a few ingredients you may here tossed around natural hair boards by those who practice Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is not a cult or religion, but rather the a belief of using traditional/alternative medicine to achieve health.  Like Veganism it is simply a lifestyle choice.  But just like you can decide to have a meat-less dairy-free lunch you can dabble in Ayurveda and incorporate whatever practices you find beneficial.  In regards to hair care Ayurveda includes the use of natural herbs, oils and roots to promote hair health, wellness and cure common ailments such as dandruff, hair loss, thinning, etc.

Ayurveda originated in South Asia (India, China, & Nepal) so to find common products you need only take a trip to your local Indian or Asian Grocer.  Patel Brothers is a national chain of Indian grocery stores and can be found in just about everywhere across the US.  While the stores are sort of small they are are stacked with all sorts of health and beauty ‘vedic treatments.

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  • Henna used to strengthen the hair but is also a natural hair stain (red)
  • Amla used to contol shedding and hair loss
  • Brahmi used to treat dandruff or itchy scalp
  • Neem used to control dryness or itchy scalp (also a natural bug repellent)
  • Indigo used to strengthen or thicken  the hair but is also a natural stain (black)
  • Tulsi used to soothe and cure scalp disorders
  • Kewra Water used to soothe and cleanse irritated scalp (similar to rose water)

You can buy the herbs in powder form mixing them with just plain water, oils, or even coconut milk to make a hair paste.  You can also add them to conditioners, make a tea rinse or a hair spritz.  There is a great post on Lola’s Green Hair and Natural Review concerning the use of ‘vedic treatments.

However, buyer beware because all things that glitter are not gold!  There are also products carried in Patel Brothers that are sub-standard.  So make sure you are careful to read the ingredients.  If you see hair oil with mineral oil as the first ingredient I would avoid it.  There are also imitation henna, indigo, and other powders so make sure you research how to tell the real from the fake.

I am simply a ‘vedic dabbler.  I done a henna gloss to color and strengthen my hair, cassia paste to bring life back to my daughter’s hair.  On this trip to Patel Brothers I picked up some Vatika oil which is a coconut based oil with a lot of neem in it.  It is said to nourish the hair and scalp and also help with itching especially for those with locs.  While I have yet to use it on my hair I did use it on my beagle to help repel bugs as he often has allergic reactions in the summer to bites and stings.  It made his coat shiny and so far has not suffered any rashes so I say its working.  I have rubbed a little on my arms and legs before going on an evening run and it has helped repel the insects.

So don’t be vexed by ‘vedic treatments, start simple and experiment.  When you find something that works for you be sure to share it here with us.