DIY Hibiscus Hair Rinse via Anita Grant

You know I am a sucker for natural recipes.  This awesome hair rinse comes courtesy of Anita Grant.  This quick and easy rinse is great for covering greys and will add a deep rich red stain to your hair.  Ideal for those with red, brown or black hair as a natural hair stain that will work on all hair types and textures.  Along with staining the hair Hibiscus will also strengthen the hair, seal the cuticle and stop breakage.
Hibiscus Hair Rinse

In a medium sized pot bring water to a boil over medium heat. Add a handful (about 1/4 cup) of dried Hibiscus flowers and reduce heat to simmer for about 7 minutes.  Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool. The water will turn a deep red/purple color.  Strain the flowers out and store rinse a clean air-tight container.

To Use: Cleanse your hair thoroughly careful to remove and dirt, oil and residue.  Pour the Hibiscus hair rinse over your hair careful to saturate your strands.  DO NOT RINSE OUT. Cover your hair with plastic cap then wrap in a warm towel.  Allow the rinse to sit on the hair for about an hour.  Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.  This rinse can be used weekly to maintain gray coverage.

Please note: Hibiscus is a STAIN, like henna, and it will stain your clothes, counter tops or other porous materials.  Take proper precautions by wearing old clothes, laying down newspaper on counter tops and/or wearing gloves.

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Ayurveda, Patel Brothers & Mixology

Henna.  Amla. Brahmi. Neem.  These are just a few ingredients you may here tossed around natural hair boards by those who practice Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is not a cult or religion, but rather the a belief of using traditional/alternative medicine to achieve health.  Like Veganism it is simply a lifestyle choice.  But just like you can decide to have a meat-less dairy-free lunch you can dabble in Ayurveda and incorporate whatever practices you find beneficial.  In regards to hair care Ayurveda includes the use of natural herbs, oils and roots to promote hair health, wellness and cure common ailments such as dandruff, hair loss, thinning, etc.

Ayurveda originated in South Asia (India, China, & Nepal) so to find common products you need only take a trip to your local Indian or Asian Grocer.  Patel Brothers is a national chain of Indian grocery stores and can be found in just about everywhere across the US.  While the stores are sort of small they are are stacked with all sorts of health and beauty ‘vedic treatments.

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  • Henna used to strengthen the hair but is also a natural hair stain (red)
  • Amla used to contol shedding and hair loss
  • Brahmi used to treat dandruff or itchy scalp
  • Neem used to control dryness or itchy scalp (also a natural bug repellent)
  • Indigo used to strengthen or thicken  the hair but is also a natural stain (black)
  • Tulsi used to soothe and cure scalp disorders
  • Kewra Water used to soothe and cleanse irritated scalp (similar to rose water)

You can buy the herbs in powder form mixing them with just plain water, oils, or even coconut milk to make a hair paste.  You can also add them to conditioners, make a tea rinse or a hair spritz.  There is a great post on Lola’s Green Hair and Natural Review concerning the use of ‘vedic treatments.

However, buyer beware because all things that glitter are not gold!  There are also products carried in Patel Brothers that are sub-standard.  So make sure you are careful to read the ingredients.  If you see hair oil with mineral oil as the first ingredient I would avoid it.  There are also imitation henna, indigo, and other powders so make sure you research how to tell the real from the fake.

I am simply a ‘vedic dabbler.  I done a henna gloss to color and strengthen my hair, cassia paste to bring life back to my daughter’s hair.  On this trip to Patel Brothers I picked up some Vatika oil which is a coconut based oil with a lot of neem in it.  It is said to nourish the hair and scalp and also help with itching especially for those with locs.  While I have yet to use it on my hair I did use it on my beagle to help repel bugs as he often has allergic reactions in the summer to bites and stings.  It made his coat shiny and so far has not suffered any rashes so I say its working.  I have rubbed a little on my arms and legs before going on an evening run and it has helped repel the insects.

So don’t be vexed by ‘vedic treatments, start simple and experiment.  When you find something that works for you be sure to share it here with us. 

Product Review: Yummi Goodz

Yummi Goodz

Green Tea Shampoo & Conditioner

The Wet Look

Soap Bar

I received these products a while back and it has taken me a long time to write this review, honestly because I didn’t really like them.  I hate writing bad reviews so when I don’t like a product I often put it on a shelf for another day to try to see if it can change my mind or lend it to a friend.  I put it on the shelf and just revisited it again this weekend and the results were still mediocre. *shrugs*

Yummi Goodz is the product line of Cleo Cartel a well known stylist and make-up artist in Northern California.  I’m a Cali girl so I always want to blow-up my state.  I received the products from my girl Rashida at a meet-up we had several months back.  She gave me several products to check out but I was most interested in the soap bar as we have dry sensitive skin in my family and my son prefers bars to liquid.  The products in this line are vegan which is kind of neat, but not necessary, however I knew that a vegan product would not contain any gross additives, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, etc.

Green Tea Shampoo 10 oz

ing: glycerin, water, shea, green tea, citrus, mint, almond oil and essential oils

This product is very watery.  As you can see from the ingredients there are no thickening agents so it will actually pour out once opened.  There is some very light-blink and you missed it- sudsing action though while it is not important it was hard for me to know if I even got the product distributed through my hair.  I would not recommend this shampoo to those who use a lot of heavy products or gels as I do not think it has enough cleaning power.  This would be a nice daily poo for the “natural-naturals” or loc wearers.  It has a pleasant green tea scent and good ingredients.  I last used this poo after coming home from the park where I was sweaty and gross but my hair was basically product-free and it did a fine job cleansing.  However the first time I used it after using gel and my hair still felt grimy so I brought in an old standby to do the job.

Green Tea Conditioner 10 oz

ing: waters, shea butter, green tea, mint, sage oil, veggies, ginger and aloe vera gel, almond oil and essential oils.

Similar to the shampoo the conditioner is very watery also. You would think that most aloe vera gel products would be a little thicker but it isn’t.  I used this entire bottle in just 3 uses because it is so runny it just pours out.  I think this product would probably make a better leave-in conditioner and should come in a spray/spritz bottle.  Either way it was okay as a light condish, nothing to write home about.  Would not be good for co-washing.  Actually it seemed like a DIY moisturizing spritz whipped up in someone’s kitchen.  This also had the nice green tea scent that I liked.

The Wet Look

ing: water, shea butter, slippery elm, almond oil, burdock root, marshmallow root oil, red castor oil, essential oils.

This was not as watery as the shampoo or conditioner, more like a really runny lotion.  It has a very odd smell.  My daughter and I have pin-pointed it to be tropical punch kool-aid right out the package before you add water and sugar.  I did not care for the smell.  I used this product twice and both results were lack-luster.  I let my daughter use it and she said she didn’t feel like it was doing anything.  I used it on my son and his hair also felt dry within a few hours.  I think someone with locs would like this product because it have moisturizing ingredients but does not leave the hair greasy or film.

Soap Bar

I do not know the ingredients because they were not listed on the bar. I believe we had a Milk Bar, but I do not remember the actual name.  The soap bar was really the only part of the line we liked.  It provided good cleansing, but it was also moisturizing. We used it as a whole body bar and shampoo bar on my son.  It kept his hair both clean and soft.  While I liked the bar I would say you could pick up one like it from a local market.  The bar did fall apart rather easily so we had to use a soap saver to help prolong its use.

Bottom line I would not actually purchase these products.  While I think the manufacturer is off to a nice start they have a long way to go before their products are market ready.  The shampoo and conditioner are not packaged correctly and need to either be thickened or place into a container that does not allow them to leak out.  The Wet Look moisturizer is just very mediocre and was not a very good.  Also the labels on the packages were not professional quality.  The ingredients and instructions are kind of difficult to read and not very clear.  The website is not very clear, difficult to navigate and over-all not very useful.  Those who are more into natural products, or those with locs or fine/thin hair may really like these products.  I hope the mfg’er understands that this is an honest review as I believe there is room for improvement.

Have you tried Yummi Goodz? What are your thoughts on their products?

Colloidal Oatmeal Rinse

oatmealColloidal Oatmeal or Avena sativa L is oats that have been ground down into a fine powder.  Oatmeal has been used for ages in health and beauty care.  You all know that oatmeal can help soothe dry itchy skin as many use it as a treatment for bug bites/stings, eczema, chicken pox (does anyone even get this anymore?) or sunburns.  Oatmeal with its great healing and moisturizing effects is also beneficial for the hair and scalp as Aveeno has an entire product line based on this principle.   

Colloidal Oatmeal can be found at any market, pharmacy, or health food store look either in the pharmacy or the bath aisle.  Make sure you pick up 100% colloidal oatmeal with no additional additives.  You can buy the popular Aveeno brand or grab another one.  This hair rinse is ideal for those with dry itchy scalp, oily hair, or dry hair looking for additional moisture or softness.

Colloidal Oatmeal Rinse

1-large 2 quart pitcher

1/4 c. or 1 packet of colloidal oatmeal

Mix the oatmeal in the pitcher filled about 1/2 full of warm water.  Stir to make sure the oatmeal completely dissolves without clumps.  You may opt to use a wire whisk to break up and dissolve the oatmeal or use your fingers to break up the clumps.  Add water stirring continually until the pitcher is full.  Allow the mixture to sit a few minutes, if you see oatmeal settled on the bottom you need to keep mixing.

Wash/co-wash and condition your hair as normal. Then slowly pour the oatmeal rinse over your hair saturating it completely and gently scrunching and massaging the rinse into your hair and scalp.  You can allow the rinse to sit for a few minutes (about 5) then rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water making sure all the oatmeal is rinsed clean from the hair.  Then finish with a final rinse of cold water to close the cuticle. Continue with your reglar styling regimen. 

**Note: If you experience white flakes this means you did not rinse the mixture thoroughly from your hair.  Take the time to make sure this is done by simply re-wetting your hair and allowing water to run through it.

I tried it on my own hair and it did fill a bit softer.  I had my mom try this out on her itchy scalp and it did provide her temporary relief but she had to repeat it daily.

A special thank you to Brokey McPoverty for sharing her mixology with us!  You can read her original post on her blog.

DIY Natural Hair Care Recipe


Looking for more natural ways to care for your hair? Check out these recipes.


Cleansing Rinse-gentle clarifier

2 c distilled water

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar or juice of one lemon

Mix ingredients then pour over hair.


Soapwort Shampoo -a gentle shampoo for normal to dry hair

1/2 c crushed soapwort root

8 c water

Place the soapwort in the water in pot over medium heat.  Bring to a boil then reduce to simmer for 15 minutes.  Strain out the leaves and root and pour into a clean bottle.  Use as a shampoo rinse.


Oil Rinse

1 cup olive oil

10 drops essential oil

-for dandruff treatment or dryness use sage, rosemary or tea tree oil

-for overall health use lavender, chamomile or rose oil

Mix oils and allow to sit for 24 hours.  After washing or conditioning the hair pour oil over hair and or scalp. Store in a cool dark place away from sunlight.


Rose-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse

1 cup rosewater

1 Tbsp jojoba oil

10 drops vitamin E oil

Warm water in a double boiler, when hot add jojoba oil.  Whisk in vitamin E oil and blend well.  Apply to clean hair.


Natural Hair Pomade

1 cup olive oil

1/2 cup beeswax

1 Tbsp coconut oil

Melt ingredients over low heat.  Pour into heat proof container and let cool at room temp, about 30 minutes.