Product Review: Original Moxie featuring Knapsgirl

“All I need in this life I’m in, is me and my curlfriends” –African Proverb

All kidding aside I really do LOVE my curlfriends.  A few weeks ago I went on a mini-vacay to visit my curlfriend, YouTuber MonicaJoi aka Knapsgirl and of course we played in hair products.  Monica won a full-set of Original Moxie Natural Wonder products and we decided to give them a try.

Original Moxie

Natural Wonder Gift Set

Includes: Get Clean™ No-foam Shampoo (8 oz.), Intense Quench™ Deep Conditioner (8 oz.), & Everyday Leave-in™ Detangling Conditioner (8 oz.), Hair Bling™ High Shine Pomade (3 oz.), & Lux Locks™ Styling & Shine (6 oz.). 

$72 for the complete set

There are two videos that go along with this review, a before and an after, that are filled with lots of giggles and hilarity. Monica is a purest and refused to edit them so enjoy our ridiculousness.

Before Vid 

Get Clean No-Foam Shampoo: This was a strange experience for me.  This is a no-foam shampoo and it really doesn’t foam.  It feels like a moisturizer when you are applying it to your hair and it was honestly hard to tell if I had distributed it evenly or if it was even working.  After two washes I decided that it should be good enough. To my surprise it did get my hair clean and did so without stripping.  I would not recommend this if your hair is really gunked up with product, however as a daily or even weekly cleanser this worked great. It has a polite floral-nutty smell, hard to pinpoint but it was pleasant.  While the product did work, I give it a B grade, I would not purchase as I like the comfort of knowing my hair is clean and this honestly was just too subtle for me.

Everyday Leave-in Detangling ConditionerI used this both as a rinse out and a leave-in conditioner.  It did an okay job detangling my hair. There was not phenomenal slip but I was able to finger detangle without feeling like I would yank or break my hair.  Again nice subtle smell to it.  It worked much better as a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer than it did as a detangling conditioner.  Overall grade C, I would not purchase this again although it worked well as a moisturizer I prefer it to work better as a detangler.

Intense Quench Deep ConditionerEasily my favorite product in this line.  It did a great job conditioning and detangling my hair.  I will say that when I first applied it I thought I was going to hate it. The product is thin, like a leave in moisturizer, after applying it to a section of hair I allowed it to sit for about 10 minutes and that is when the magic happened.  Just goes to show a deep conditioner does not have to be thick or buttery to work well.  Overall grade A, however I would not purchase unless it was on sale because the price point of $17 for 8 oz it too rich for my blood.

Lux Locks Styling & Shine: This is a twisting cream that I used to twist my hair.  The product worked well, it was not too sticky or greasy easy to apply and left my hair moisturized.  I would not recommend as a wash-n-go styler it was not much of a curl definer.  The one draw-back is the smell. I don’t know if it is the neem, rosewood or what but the smell is strong and not my pleasing to me.  We mistook the scent for patchouli but it is not an ingredient listed in the product however it is in the same scent family.  Without the smell I would give the product a B for performance however the scent drops it down to a C.

Hair Bling High Shine PomadeI am not a real fan of pomades but I did like this one. It was not overly greasy and added a nice shine to my hair.  I did not care for using it to twist alone but it worked great when coupled with the Lux Locks Styling & Shine, so I would recommend using them together.  I can really tell the difference in softness and shine in the sections where I used this product. Overall grade for this product is a B, but like the deep conditioner it is much too pricey in my opinion and I would not purchase.

After Vid 

A quick shot of me and our camerawoman Nyra, before heading out for the night :)

I did get an AWESOME twist-out taking my hair down a few days later :)


DCN 1 Year Anniversary Favorite Things Giveaway

DCN recently observed our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY and I thought what better way to celebrate then to share with you my favorite natural hair products!  We will have giveaways via twitter, facebook page and the blog so make sure you are following me on each of these so that you are eligible to win. 

Okay well I’m not Oprah fabulous with pull from Volkswagen, but I have talked to natural hair manufacturers and they have all agreed to generously donate their products to share with you :)  We will have giveaways sponsored by:

These are all products that I actually use in my hair regimen and love so I hope you will love them too.  Giveaways will run all month long so make sure you check the fb wall, read the tweets and sub the blog so you do not miss anything!

What to do When Your Fav Product is Discontinued

Yes to Carrots, Inc, makes great products.  Their shampoo and conditioner are raved about by plenty of naturals who love the way it makes their hair feel and the list of yummy ingredients.  Add to that the fact that the products are available locally and reasonably priced and I became a Stan for life!

I truly fell in love when I encountered their DC Moisturizing Mud Mask.  I came to know this product on accident as I told my younger sis to pick me up some conditioner and she brought back this one instead of the regular rinse-out.  I am not a avid DCer because I have protein-sensitive hair and it is difficult to find a DC sans protein, petroleum, mineral oil, and shea that does not leave my hair flat and lifeless.  But I decided to give it a try and it was love at fist smear.  That was until when recommending the product to another curly who reported she couldn’t find it on their website.  Truly, I thought, she was mistaken so I took a look for myself.  No dice.  I contacted the company by email, twitter and FB (obsess much?) only to have my worst fears confirmed.  I was told that “the product will no longer be available” say what? I went into a frenzy.  How could this happen? Why would they do this?  I was hurt, sad and angry all at once at this injustice.  I felt like writing my Congressmen! *sigh*

Yes the above tale seems a bit dramatic but we naturals tend to be a bit intense when it comes to our hair.  I wanted to take my tale of woe and use it to help another natural who may inevitably encounter the same thing and show them how to cope.

10 Tips: What to do When Your Fav Product is Discontinued

  1. Cry, freak out, get angry.  All these feelings are okay as long as you do not get crazy in public.  Sometimes you just gotta let it out.
  2. Contact the manufacturer to see if there is still stock available in stores or that you can purchase direct.  Also make sure to respectfully voice your opinion on the matter and ask if they have an alternative product.
  3. Check with your local retailer.  See if any other stores in the area have product available and have them put it on hold for you.  If you can locate the product buy up the shelf! Most discontinued products are marked down for quick sale.  If not ask if you can get a discount.
  4. Check local discount retailers like Ross, TJ Maxx, etc. as they purchase a lot of discontinued items from manufacturers.  These items are then sold at a discounted price.
  5. Don’t be afraid to call friends or relatives in other cities and have them check the availability in their local stores.
  6. Check the hair swap boards like Lola’s Green Hair for the product. You can normally find someone out there who has the product and didn’t like it.
  7. Jump on the message boards like and put out an APB.  Curly girls understand your plight and will try to help.  My girl LaShawn actually had this product in her closet and volunteered the rest of her stash to me after she found out l was looking for it <3.
  8. While your on the message boards ask for product recommendations from other naturals who liked that product.  Most naturals have a product they love and a back-up that they like.  This can help you find a replacement.
  9. Check the ingredients list and hop over to wholesale manufacturers like Essential Wholesale and look for a base that is similar to the product you desire.  9 times out of 10 you can find a base that will suit your needs.
  10. If all else fails, make like a chemist and start mixing!  Run through that ingredients list and purchase the raw ingredients to make your own.  It might take you a few trials, but who knows you might create something even better!

Qhemet Biologics Summer Sale


Qhemet Biologics is having a 20% off Summer Sale!

Saturday, June 4th 2011

Qhemet Biologics is aproduct line based on Ayurvedic hair care.  The products are vegetarian and contain no mineral oil, parabens, silicones, SLS, or petroleum.  They do contain yummy exotic ingredients like Moringa oil, Amla oil, African Honeybush, and Brahmi.

If you have never heard of these products check out a few reviews below.

From EmpressRi aka on YT


From on YT





Product Review: Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade

Oyin Handmade

Burnt Sugar Hair Pomade

4 oz, $10 or 8 oz, $16



I picked up a sample size of this from a product swap.  I am not a regular pomade user so I was not hunting for it, however I am a fan of other products made by the manufacturer so I wanted to try it out.  The product smells delightfully sweet and delicious like caramel frosting, very tempting to try a taste (lol).  The product is made of vegetable oils, butters and waxes that nourish, soften hair while imparting a light shine.

I used the product to slick back the edges of my hair while transforming an old twist-out into a puff.  I also used a little on my sons hair to create some nice waves.

5 Things I Liked:

  1. The pomade is non-sticky or gummy.  While firm in the container it is soft enough to scoop out with a fingertip and glides on smooth without leaving a film on your finger.
  2. It did a great job of slicking back my edges with minimal effort or brushing.  Unlike gel it does not leave my hair crunchy and hard.
  3. It imparts a subtle shine and softness without the greasy look/feel.
  4. A little bit goes a long way.  I used less than a dime-sized amount by just dipping my fingertip in and that was enough for my entire hair line front and back.
  5. It a nice natural product that contains no questionable additives.

A co-worker of mine with loose curly hair who wears her hair flat-ironed came to me looking for something to help tame her fine hair fly-aways that was non-greasy and didn’t make her hair hard or sticky.  I [begrudgingly] brought in the Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade I scored just a week earlier (quietly hoping she would hate it).  She immediately opened the jar, slid a little on her hair and fell in love *sigh*.  I let her keep the product as it was the answer to her prayers.  Interestingly enough I gave her the sample size back in January and she is still using it.

DIY Natural Hair Care Recipe


Looking for more natural ways to care for your hair? Check out these recipes.


Cleansing Rinse-gentle clarifier

2 c distilled water

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar or juice of one lemon

Mix ingredients then pour over hair.


Soapwort Shampoo -a gentle shampoo for normal to dry hair

1/2 c crushed soapwort root

8 c water

Place the soapwort in the water in pot over medium heat.  Bring to a boil then reduce to simmer for 15 minutes.  Strain out the leaves and root and pour into a clean bottle.  Use as a shampoo rinse.


Oil Rinse

1 cup olive oil

10 drops essential oil

-for dandruff treatment or dryness use sage, rosemary or tea tree oil

-for overall health use lavender, chamomile or rose oil

Mix oils and allow to sit for 24 hours.  After washing or conditioning the hair pour oil over hair and or scalp. Store in a cool dark place away from sunlight.


Rose-Jojoba Conditioning Rinse

1 cup rosewater

1 Tbsp jojoba oil

10 drops vitamin E oil

Warm water in a double boiler, when hot add jojoba oil.  Whisk in vitamin E oil and blend well.  Apply to clean hair.


Natural Hair Pomade

1 cup olive oil

1/2 cup beeswax

1 Tbsp coconut oil

Melt ingredients over low heat.  Pour into heat proof container and let cool at room temp, about 30 minutes.