Koils by Nature Rewards Program

Koils by Nature has launched a rewards program where you can earn points for every dollar you spend. The great thing about this program is it is retroactive, meaning you get credit for orders placed before the rewards program. *WooHoo*

How it works: Earn 5 points for every $1 you spend (excluding tax and shipping). At 500 points receive a $5 off your next order.

To check you points log in to your account at KoilsByNature.com and click the Redeem Rewards banner in the lower right-hand corner.

New to Koils By Nature? Click my referral link to earn 15% off your first purchase.  My favorite products are the Hydrating Shealoe Creamy Conditioner and the Nourishing Hair and Body Butter Sweet Almonds. Happy Shopping :)


Product Review Koils By Nature Hydrating Shealoe Creamy Conditioner

Koils By Nature

Hydrating Shealoe Creamy Condish

12 oz for $16.00

Available online at koilsbynature.com

Product claims: Hydrating Shealoe Creamy Conditioner is excellent for hard to manage and dry hair that needs extra moisture. The emulsifiers and emollients condition the hair while the panthenol and sheabutter provide extra moisture so that the hair feels soft and smooth again and provide softness, manageability and shine to your hair.

ing: distilled water, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Shea oil, aloe butter, macadamia nut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, Vitamin E, ProVitamin B5, postassium sorbate,  willows bark, essential & fragrance oils.

I received a two ounce sample of this product as part of the Koils by Nature sample pack.  Let me first say that I got THREE uses from a 2 oz container!  That will let you know how concentrated this stuff is.  I was shocked when I realized I had more then half of the bottle left after my first use.  The product itself is really thick and creamy in texture but not thick enough to come in a jar.  And while it contains several oils it did not leave my hair oily or greasy. This product is made me revamp my favorite things lists.5 Things I Loved About This Product:

  1. I am pretty heavy handed with my conditioner but there is really no reason to be with this one. It is so thick and creamy it truly is a great value.
  2. Its packed full of awesome oils and butters that left my hair feeling so soft.
  3. I love the light sweet scent, but it also comes in an unscented version.  I think more product manufacturers need to offer and unscented option.
  4. Super slip!  The product is creamy but also has great slip something you do not encounter very often.
  5. Uber-moisturizing.  This is such a great conditioner it can be used alone as a rinse out or put on a cap and use as a deep conditioner.  It is very complete conditioner.

I make no qualms when it comes to conditioning my hair.  I definitely have my favorites and this is in my top 3 favorite conditioners.  I left a little bit of the conditioner in my hair above and got great results from a conditioner only wash-n-go.  If you are at all skeptical about spending $16 on a bottle of conditioner I would suggest you purchase the sample pack and give it a trial run before committing.

Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots were a style I wore often when I was relaxed as it gave a cute textured curly look without the need of rollers or rods.  Since I’ve been natural I can count on one-hand the times that I have worn this style.  The main reason is that I usually style my hair wet, but I hate sitting under the dryer.  My hair takes forever to air dry so my bantu knots are often still damp on the second day.  I also find it much too difficult to sleep with knots in my hair.  All that said I made a resolution to step my style game up back in January so I am working on tackling this style.

A while ago I wrote about how my friend Brokey did her bantu knot-out style.  While I did not follow her steps I took her advice to do them on dry hair eliminating the problem of having wet hair for several days.  Here is a breakdown of my process:

  1. Start with cleansed, conditioned and detangled hair.  Allow hair to air dry until it is about 90% dry.
  2. Section off a desired amount of hair.  Apply Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner to each section, detangle and smooth using tangle teezer.
  3. Twist each section in a clock-wise motion then wrap around the base to form a knot.  Secure with a bobby pin if necessary.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have completed the entire head.

I used a mix of both large and small plaits to get a more textured knot-out look.  I did not use any hold product, just conditioner.  I parted my so that I was able to sleep as comfortably as I could. I parted with a space in the back of my head so I could rest my head down flat without a knot being their and made sure the knots around my headline were pushed further back so I could lay on my sides.

I wore my knots to work the next day and received a lot of double takes along with the standard questions: “how did you do that?” and “did you cut your hair?”  My favorite response came from a co-worker who obviously had not caught word of my ‘do and said when he walked in my office, “O-M-F-G that sh*t is awesome!” and proceeded to give me a fist bump, lol. I did have an issue with one particular knots refusal to stay so I picked up some Conair Polybands (small non-rubber ponytail holders) to keep it in place.

The next morning I decided to take down the knots and rock the knot-out for the day.  I used Koils by Nature Hair and Body Butter to smooth and separate each section.  My hair was SO FLUFFY!  And baby, when I tell you it was soft, please know that I had my hands in it all day!  I will definitely be incorporating a dry set using these products to my twist and braid-out routine.

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