Color Me Beautiful, Highlights in Natural Hair

Truth time: I used to be a natural snob.  I got to a point where I strove to be a “natural’s natural”.  I babied my hair as if it was brittle on the verge of falling out and refused to use anything that may have a negative effect on my tresses.  Then I saw this article on Natural Review which featured fellow natural Nicole.  Not only did Nicole have popping curls but she also had hair that was lifted to the blondest-blond.  And while I had been avoiding color like the plague out of fear that it might “do something” to my curls, Nicole was making me rethink my stance.

I did my research on color immediately eliminating most over the counter (box) hair color brands found in local beauty supply stores due to ingredients like ammonia, PTD’s or parabens which I choose not to use because of there damaging effects on hair and health.  But after making a trip to my salon I was educated about Organic Color System (OCS) which is the safest hair coloring system on the market.  We also held a meet-up where we discusses safe ways to color your hair including using henna and doing corrective color to fix a bad dye job.  After laborious discussions with my stylist I scheduled an appointment.

As you can see from the foils I opted for highlights instead of an all-over color.  Highlights are a great way to try out color without making a full-coverage commitment.  When getting highlights you are charged by the foil so the amount of color and placement is really up to you.  Many like to try a 5 pack in the crown to add a little oomph on top.  I wanted to go for an all over muli-toned highlight to give the appearance of hair that was sun-kissed like when I was younger and played outside all summer.  To achieve this look we selected two different colors Mocha [4MO] and Fiery Red [5FR] and they were strategically layered and blended throughout my curls.  The colors selected were very natural tones that blended well with my skin and hair color.

I don’t know if you can tell in the beginning of the vid but I was really nervous even though I had full faith in my stylist.  After a mimosa, or two, or three I found just the courage I needed to relax and there was no turning back.  Check out the slideshow below for play by play of the color.  I have more color in the back of my hair but very little in the front because I was worried about how it would look as it grew out around my hair line (no harsh roots) and I was also concerned because my hair is wavy in the front and I did not want to lose any texture. Since then I have decided that I will go back and get more color done in the front Spring 2012.

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So what are your thoughts? Have you considered coloring your natural hair?


Natural Hues

I have always loved contrast.  Especially when it is unexpected.  On my mother’s side of the family we have several family members with blue eyes with for no explainable reason.  It normally appears every other generation, but alas my generation failed to grab hold to those recessive genes.  On my father’s side we have bright red hair.  I love the look of rich copper skin topped off with warm red hair.  It reminds me of my Grandma.  When I was younger and would spend my summer’s in the sun my hair would lighten to a nice crimson and I loved it.

It is my interest in contrast that brought on my love for the Melanesian People.  Melanesia is an area of the south Pacific  that includes Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, Solomon Islands and others.  The Melanesian people are the most ethnically diverse in the world characterized by the array of sun-kissed skin tones coupled with naturally blonde, red, brown or black curly hair.

fabulous blonde curls

beautiful brown with natural highlights

multi-colored tresses

glorious red head

For more awesome images check out the following link.

Do you have any natural reds, blondes or light brown tresses in your family?