Hair Crush 7/10 Stephanie

Stephanie and I have been fb amigas for a while now.  I am not sure how we met but I am pretty sure it involved me stalking her gorgeous curls.  Her hair just makes me happy, you know good hair p0rn will do that :)


Hair Crush 6/19 Tanya Wright

If you, like me, don’t watch much television you may have never heard of True Blood.  To save you some time its a show about vampires, but not the wimpy kind like Twilight these are the badass kind like Interview With A Vampire.  The ladies I work with are really into this show so I decided to check it out.  Meh, not really my thing but I did notice actress Tanya Wright and upon further google search I discovered her awesome natural hair *drool*. Major hair envy folks.

If you’re > 30 and think she may look familiar, she also had a recurring role on The Cosby Show back in the day as Theo’s girlfriend, Tanya.

Hair Crush 6/12: Cheyenne Woods

Today’s hair crush is someone you may have never heard of, golfer Cheyenne Woods.  Recognize the last name? That is because she is the niece of famed golfer Tiger Woods, I definitely see the family resemblance.

Cheyenne is frequently seen wearing her hair in its curly state but also likes to flat-iron.  I just love her curls!

Hair Crush 6/5: Glamswagger

Today’s hair crush is a fellow blogger and friend Q, better known as Glamswagger.  I have followed her blog for sometime but grew to love her even more after finding that she is good friends with my cousins in DC who told me she is truly genuine and awesome in real life.  And while she has an awesome and amazing mane, she will occasionally weave it up just to give herself a break.  I love how she defines natural her own way and that she gives great tips on caring for your natural hair while using weaves as a protective style.

If you like the above bantu knot-out you can check out her tutorial below.

Check out Glamswagger blog, twitter and youtube.

Hair Crush 5/29: Faarrow

So I am starting a new blog segment every Tuesday called Hair Crush which will feature pictures and or video from naturals who’s hair gives me life. The first of this series is a shot out to two of my favorite ladies and hair crushes Faarrow, formerly known as Sweet Rush.  These Somali born sisters, emigrated to Canada as kiddos and are now pursuing their musical career in Atlanta.   Check out their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” mashed up with J Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough”.  *eargasm*