Product Review: Thermal Hair Care Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap

LUSH Reversible Hot Head

Thermal Hair Care

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap 

$29.95 each

The Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap is a single unit microwaveable cap that is used for deep conditioning hair treatments.  The cap is reversible with terry cloth on one side and a cotton fabric print on the other.  Within each cap are flax seeds, which are used as the heating element providing 25+ minutes of continuous heat.  The cap can be used for deep conditioning, protein, henna, or other hair treatments.

Thermal Hair Care Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap

The Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap is really easy to use.

  1. Wash and condition your hair using your favorite products.
  2. Place a plastic processing cap over your conditioned hair.  If your hair is very long or voluminous you may need to twist or plait the hair first in order for it to fit.
  3. In a clean microwave place the Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap with elastic side up onto the plate.  Heat for one minute.  Remove cap, shake, then flip inside out to reveal the other side.  Place the cap back into the microwave elastic side up and heat for another 45 seconds.
  4. Remove cap from microwave, shake, and place on your head over the processing cap.

The Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap has quickly become my favorite deep conditioning tool. I used to use my Hair Therapy Wrap for deep conditioning, however this product has been collecting dust in my closet once I got my hands on the Hot Head!  The Hot Head is easier to use, provides evenly distributed heat and the heat source seems to be more durable.

Also new from Thermal Hair Care is the Little Hot Head just for kids which is available in cute kid friendly patterns.


Product Review: Hair Therapy Wrap

Hair Therapy WrapInstead of setting hair goals for the year, most of which I break or conveniently forget before Summer is in full swing I have decided to set monthly goals.  My hair goal for the month of March is to deep condition once a week using heat to ensure the best results.  I am trying to love on this fro and take it from good to great which means going that extra mile that I may not always deem necessary.  I do not deep condition my hair every week and I do not use heat even once a month so this is definitely an over an above action for me and I hope the results pay off.  While deep conditioning is an easy enough thing to do, using heat can be annoying or just require more effort.  That is where this tool comes into play and it has been an absolute time saver.

Hair Therapy Wrap 


available at, Amazon, CurlMart and other retailers

The Hair Therapy Wrap is cordless thermal turban heat wrap that provides gentle heat for up to 30 minutes.   The heat encourages conditioners and other treatments to penetrate deep into the hair follicle.  The HTW is simple and easy to use and can be reused many times. The gel pacs are warmed via microwave or stovetop. To use apply conditioning treatment to hair and cover with plastic cap, heat the gel pacs according to instructions, place the HTW over plastic cap, twist the the fabric at the base to form a snug fit and secure.  Allow the HTW to condition your hair for up to 30 minutes then remove and rinse.

I was gifted my HTW from my friend LaManda, she is an awesome friend and has put me on many times love her.  The first time I used it I was out of town at Monica’s house and this is how we discovered Monica’s microwave was broken because the gel pacs would not heat up.  I used the stove top method to warm the gel pacs and have continued that way ever since because I don’t really trust microwaves to heat evenly. I have used this heat wrap at least ten times by now and every time I am pleased by how easy it is and the results I receive from my conditioning treatment.

5 Things I Love About This Product

  1. Ease of use.  All you need to do is pop the gel pacs into a pot of boiling water for a few minutes or place the full assembly in the microwave for a few seconds.
  2. Makes light work of an old problem. I have a hooded dryer and I rarely use it. I hate having to pull it out and assemble it. It is noisy and I am restricted to staying in one place.  With the Hair Therapy Wrap you just put in on and go on about your business.
  3. Its safe. In the past when I wanted a quick treatment but did not want to use my dryer I would heat a damp towel in the microwave then wrap it around my head. I have burned myself on the steam emitted from the towel, which was no bueno.
  4. Its reliable.  The HTW will provide at least 30 minutes of heat to your hair.
  5. Its durable. I believe LaManda owned this HTW for at least 2 years before gifting it to me last year. This product is at least 3 years old and works great.

More than anything else: it works!  Using this tool can take an average or okay deep conditioning treatment to amazing.  My hair feels so much better after deep conditioning with this tool. And there is no cleanup, takedown or after use instructions. Just take it off your head and put it away, easy-peasy.  There are some reviews out that complain about the wrap not fitting their head, the gelpacs not heating evenly or losing heat quickly. I have not experienced any of these issues.  There are several different iterations of this tool so perhaps those were earlier versions. It fits over my huge head and all my hair. Like I stated previously I do not heat it in the microwave and perhaps that makes a difference when heating evenly and maintaining heat.  I absolutely love the tool and the day it stops working I would buy another.