Joining the Crew, Deals and Random Updates

Peer Pressure

So by now you have surely heard of Curl Kit, the monthly subscription service that ships natural hair products right to your door. Several of my curlfriends have been using the service for months now and up until now I was able to resist as I really don’t need any more hair products. And then this happened…

Yeah my girl Landa of Curly And Lovely blog sent me a picture of her Curl Kit.  Dammit! Now I want one. Word on the street is that the December Curl Kit is going to be even greater so…. I broke down and subscribed.  Curl Kit really is a great company I love their  service, I have enjoyed interacting with them and they are really nice folks that I would like to support.  So if you like me are interested in checking out Curl Kit use this link for 10% off your order.

Deals, Deals, Deals

Black Friday is almost here my sweets, if you have not already check out the Derby City Naturals Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals page which is the most comprehensive list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for natural hair. I am adding new deals daily so make sure you continue to check it out and share with your friends. There are several companies offering Gray Friday Deals for those of you wanting to get an early start. 25% off + $5 shipping with code: GRAY25

Macadamia Hair 70% off Luxe Travel Set $17.50 (Reg $59)

Also check out Coiffie, a new kid on the block. Say goodbye to hat hair with this lightweight all-weather hood which provides your ‘do protection from snow, rain and wind. Coiffie is so cute and can also be worn as a scarf to compliment your ensemble; fashionable and functional :)

Starting Midnight Save 30% + Free Shipping with code: SAVE30Randoms

Yes, I have not blogged in a while and I know that you noticed. Thank you to everyone who checked up on me. I was going thru some things but your girl Haley is going to be alright. However even if I don’t have the energy to push out a blog post I try to at least stay active on YouTube, facebook, and twitter so make sure you are following me there.

Lastly please continue to pray for Dawnyelle Partee’s family and support them if you can.