DCN Black Friday Deals List is LIVE

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

This list is live ladies and gentleman. Be sure to check back early and often and to bookmark the page as I will update frequently. Happy shopping :)

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2015 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday

Yes, I will of course put together a list of 2015 Black Friday deals for natural hair products.

Derby City Naturals has become the definite blog for all the best deals on natural hair and body products. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog so you will get the updates straight to your inbox. And once the post is up you want to make sure you bookmark it because I will be receiving new deals daily and updating the list often.

Emails to vendors will go out soon. If you are a vendor and would like your deals to be included please email DerbyCityNaturals@gmail.com with the subject: Black Friday Deals for Company Name. You can also state what date you want your deals to be released and I will make sure not to make them public until then. But please DO NOT wait until the last minute. I am not staying up until the wee hours of the morning the night before to update.

Black Friday, The Aftermath

So, let’s talk about Black Friday, whether you shopped Black, shopped small or not at all.  Many of you decided not shop as a form of political protest and I totally respect that.  I did the same thing that I do every year which is Black, small and women. Here is recap of my shopping experiences this year.

  1. I’m too old to stay up late. Yep I said it mama is tired. I took a nap just so I could get up and shop like I needed to and I didn’t even leave my house, lol.
  2. There were so many vendors I planned on patronizing until I got to their websites and found these common occurrences: discount codes were not working and shipping was an abomination.  I don’t know why business owners have such a terrible time with getting discount codes to work.  They should run a stress test on the system prior to launching.  And these shipping charges are absolute bullshit. I am not paying $10 to ship for 2 products. Nope. Bro you act like USPS priority flat rate boxes aren’t free and the prices aren’t published. I abandoned my cart on several websites.
  3. Vendors need to be up and active on social media. Props to Ayo of Soultanicals who was not only available and responsive in the midst of Black Friday she helped me select which products I should purchase based on my hair needs. Just for that I ended up spending more because I was so appreciative of her awesome customer service.


I placed 5 hair/beauty orders of the 10 I had planned. My best shopping experience was with Thank God I’m Natural. The website was simple to navigate, I had no hiccups in ordering and the product arrived by Monday, yes 3 days later, that was the best service period.  The next was with Coiffie, a gift for my mama, again easy to navigate, no hiccups and the product arrived on Tuesday I will definitely order from them again. And then there was Curls. Curls website was acting a fool and the code was not working. I was very frustrated as were many others on Twitter. Curls was completely absent from social media and unresponsive.  However the next morning everything was working, they did respond to our pleas from the previous night and I was able to place my order. My package arrived on Thursday which was still under a week. Also I ordered the salon size bottle of conditioner and my shipping was still under $10 y’all are playing with this shipping prices!

wpid-2014-12-11-17.11.22.png.pngMy remaining two orders that I have not received are from Soultanicals and Bekura (formerly BASK).  I would like to note that Soultanicals put a disclaimer stating it would take longer for orders to be received and that if you wanted products faster to purchase from another vendor that carries their product.  I actually planned on doing that, but the vendor I found sucked, website kept freezing and the discount code wasn’t working.  Like I stated before Ayo or Soultanicals was about her business so I’m willing to wait a little longer for my product.  As for Bekura I have no clue what they have going on. It was only a restock for me so I am no rush, however I would like to have my products by Christmas. We shall see.

I won’t badmouth the companies that failed.  I will just say that there are companies I have purchased from for years and was saddened by their failures. I do want to mention a company that acknowledged their mistakes and worked to make it up. The Mane Choice had their site crash and people were crying all over IG.  They have launched a Black Friday Replay sale today 12/12 40% off site wide, no coupon code required.  That is dope customer service.  Lastly, Pura Body Naturals products are still on sale thru 12/26. BOGO Free Sapote Hair Lotion, Murumuru Moisture Milk, Cupuacu Hair Butter and Chocolate Hair Smoothie. No coupon code required.


Gray, Black, Small and Cyber: A Guide to November Holiday Sales for Natural Hair

gray friday black friday small business saturday cyber monday

Happy Gray Friday! What you never heard of Gray Friday? Well, Gray Friday is the friday preceding Black Friday where several retailers sneak in early sales to entice you to start shopping.  CurlMart has been doing this for years, their Gray Friday sales have been better than their Black Friday deals so it pays to shop early. Soultanicals is offering a $10 sale on all 8 oz products today thru 11/28/13. Jane Carter is offering free shipping from now until the end of the year. Koils By Nature has a Holiday Box valued at $150 for only $65 and includes products from Koils By Nature, Sydell Cosmetics, Smooth Naturals, LIA Naturals, and more.

curlmart gray friday

While you were sleeping I posted the Derby City Naturals Annual Black Friday List make sure you bookmark the page as it will be updated daily.  I have already received just under a dozen new deals.  Several retailers like Bake Shop Butters and Shi-Naturals have deals that start this weekend so make sure you read the dates carefully.

Most Black Friday deals will run the entire weekend but certain vendors have special deals on Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, Thank God I’m Natural is doing a different deal each day.  After shopping in the comfort of your PJ’s early Friday morning be sure to hit up local small businesses on Saturday.  I am making my way over to Lexie’s of Louisville for bath and body gifts. I love their Shea Butter & Olive Oil Moisturzing Creme.

Also because my birthday is next month, I’ve decided to do a giveaway basket of my favorite things.  Make sure you are subscribed to the blog so you know first-hand when to enter, trust me you are going to love it.   As always follow me on facebook, twitter and youtube.  May the deals be ever be in your favor.

Black Friday is Coming 2013

black friday natural hairThat’s right it’s November. And while most people are thinking of cooler temps, scarves & boots, turkey & family us naturals have our minds set on Black Friday.  In case you didn’t know Black Friday isn’t just a day to go to the electronics store to buy a 92 inch television for $15, it is the greatest day to buy natural hair and body products.  Derby City Naturals blog will have the DEFINITIVE LIST for all the best and most exclusive deals, per usual. Make sure you are subscribed to the blog so you will get the update straight to your inbox. And once the post is up you want to make sure you bookmark it because I will be receiving new deals daily and updating the list.

If you are a product manufacturer or reseller and want to add your deals to the list please email DerbyCityNaturals[at]gmail[dot]com with BLACK FRIDAY DEALS FOR [COMPANY] in the subject line to be included.  You can also state what date you want your deals to be released and I will make sure not to make them public until then. But please DO NOT wait until the last minute. I am not staying up until the wee hours of the morning the night before to update.

Joining the Crew, Deals and Random Updates

Peer Pressure

So by now you have surely heard of Curl Kit, the monthly subscription service that ships natural hair products right to your door. Several of my curlfriends have been using the service for months now and up until now I was able to resist as I really don’t need any more hair products. And then this happened…

Yeah my girl Landa of Curly And Lovely blog sent me a picture of her Curl Kit.  Dammit! Now I want one. Word on the street is that the December Curl Kit is going to be even greater so…. I broke down and subscribed.  Curl Kit really is a great company I love their  service, I have enjoyed interacting with them and they are really nice folks that I would like to support.  So if you like me are interested in checking out Curl Kit use this link for 10% off your order.

Deals, Deals, Deals

Black Friday is almost here my sweets, if you have not already check out the Derby City Naturals Black Friday + Cyber Monday Deals page which is the most comprehensive list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for natural hair. I am adding new deals daily so make sure you continue to check it out and share with your friends. There are several companies offering Gray Friday Deals for those of you wanting to get an early start.

CurlMart.com 25% off + $5 shipping with code: GRAY25

Macadamia Hair 70% off Luxe Travel Set $17.50 (Reg $59)

Also check out Coiffie, a new kid on the block. Say goodbye to hat hair with this lightweight all-weather hood which provides your ‘do protection from snow, rain and wind. Coiffie is so cute and can also be worn as a scarf to compliment your ensemble; fashionable and functional :)

Starting Midnight Save 30% + Free Shipping with code: SAVE30Randoms

Yes, I have not blogged in a while and I know that you noticed. Thank you to everyone who checked up on me. I was going thru some things but your girl Haley is going to be alright. However even if I don’t have the energy to push out a blog post I try to at least stay active on YouTube, facebook, and twitter so make sure you are following me there.

Lastly please continue to pray for Dawnyelle Partee’s family and support them if you can.

Black Friday Recommendations

I have amassed this list of Black Friday Sales, but many keep asking me “with all these available deals what should I get?”

Without knowing your specific porosity, elasticity, texture or density its hard for me to recommend what to add to your holy grail (and please don’t write me asking silly questions like “what is my hair type?” or “my hair type is ___ so what gel should I use” read this post on why, but I can give you a few basic suggestions.

My holy grail list or things I love is posted here but here are a few highlights of things I think every natural should give a try:


  • Darcy’s Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Condish *my fav overall*
  • Curls Coconut Sublime Condish *my fav condish of all time*
  • Anita Grant Rhassoul Clay *my fac dc*
  • Koils by Nature Hydrating Shealoe Condish *my fav daily*


  • Koils by Nature Nourishing Hair & Body Butter *i like sweet almond joy scent*
  • Oyin Handmade Sugar Berry Pomade *works like burnt sugar pomade, smells like juices and berries
  • Belle Butters Pumpkin Pie Butter *smells like pumpkin pie people*


  • Donna Marie Hair Whip
  • Komaza Care Shea Butter Lotion
  • Pura Body Naturals Sapote Hair Lotion
  • Oyin Handmade Hair Dew


  • Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle / Curl Queen / Assurance Smoothing
  • Komaza Care Califia Pudding
  • Donna Marie Dream Curling Cream
  • Curls Whipped Cream


  • Jewel Afrika Design jewelry
  • I’Me by J Thomas Conversation earrings
  • Thank God I’m Natural T-shirt

What I Want To Try

  • Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Styling Gel
  • Pura Body Naturals Chocolate Hair Smoothie
  • Terressentials Mud Wash
  • BASK Cocoa Bark Deep Conditioning Hair Treat
  • Bear Fruit Hair Honey Apricot Ginger Leave In Condish
  • Curlformers

Yeah I know, that’s a lot of suggestions.  For one-stop shopping I would suggest you check out Nounou’s Boutique or Sage Naturalceuticals because they sell a wide variety of products. Pura Body Naturals and Jane Carter Solutions have a great BOGO deal going on so that deserves a serious look.  Mozeke, Cush Cosmetics and Hairveda are offering the greatest % off so you can definitely get more for less.  Honestly I spent about $200 last year on Black Friday deals, however the products I bought lasted an entire year and were purchased at a discount so I came out ahead.  I have waited months in order to purchase products during this upcoming weekend when I knew they would be cheaper.  My last suggestion is to organize a buying collective with friends.  You can each agree to purchase select products and swap and trade them with each other, or combine orders to qualify for free shipping offers.  Happy Black Friday!