Scissor Happy: Would You BC Your Hair Again?

Me & Brittany

My girl Brittany has such gorgeous hair. She was just born that way. Brittany can use pretty much any product on her hair and get amazing results.  She is also no stranger to color and will grab a box of color from the local store and change from red to blonde to brown without batting an eyelash. She doesn’t worry too much about the rules of being natural like avoiding certain ingredients, or heat styling or performing maintenance on a schedule.  She is sort of the unorthodox natural.

So it was no surprise to me when Brittany went from thisBrittany

To this!  She sent me a text saying, “You will never guess what I did” followed by a picture of her shorn locks. In true Brittany fashion she did it herself with a pair of shears in her bathroom.  I asked her what made her decide to cut and she simply stated that she was ready for a change. I absolutely love Brittany she is beautiful curly or straight, honey or chestnut, long or short.brittany big chop

Have you considered doing a second big chop on your hair? I have thought about it many, many times and I am constantly breaking out my faithful shears to make adjustments as I see fit.  My Cuzzo Ro chopped her hair last year because she wanted a change and I was so jealous of her fiece cut.  I am approaching my 5 year anniversary Spring 2013, who knows maybe I will follow Brittany’s lead.


Recap: DCN Present Curls & Cocktails Part 2

With Curls & Cocktails Part 1 under our belt, I was amped and ready for session two which would focus on cutting natural hair.  Like the first, this event was sponsored by the Natural Alternatives Salon and was planned by Red Carpet Events.  My goal of this session was to showcase a live big chop where one fabulous natural would be ushered in to the natural hair community surrounded by her curlfriends.  I also wanted to showcase stylized natural hair cuts and provide inspiration passed the traditional fro.

The night was gorgeous and we expanded the event to the upstairs private patio for cocktails, music and mingling while the downstairs salon area was open for interaction with the stylists and to network with other curlies.  The cocktails were sponsored by Rhythm liquor and there were giveaways courtesy of Go Natural Hair & Body Boutique  and DCN.

Stylist Shaha with Big Chop Models Ieesha (left) & La-Tisha (right)

I am so proud to say that in front of a full capacity crowd we watched not one, but two live big chops and a layered cut by stylists Shaha and Dakota.  I had the opportunity to meet many new naturals still early on their journey who were looking to see what the natural hair community has to offer and I am glad to say that we did not disappoint!

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Our next Curls & Cocktails Event will be Friday, August 15 @ 8:00 pm see invite to RSVP.

Click here to see more pictures from the event

One Weave Queen’s Big Chop

This is a very special post for me.  My girl “Dio” has been my bestie since high school and we have been through so much for these 15+ years.   Dio has always been fierce and in style.  When she first expressed her thoughts to me about going natural my heart leaped for joy, but Dio changes her hair styles frequently so I was not too sure on whether or not she would continue.  When she called me last week to tell me she was finally going to big chopped I admit I hit my dougie.  I asked her to write a few words on why she went natural.

My sister C. Rose & Dio, before

September 2010, I had my last relaxer.  At that time, it was not a conscious decision to transition to being natural, but I had a weave in my hair from over the summer and when I took it out that fall, I decided to put in half wigs and just flat iron the front.  In September when I got that last relaxer my scalp was so irritated that I could not bring myself to put one in my hair in October and the half wigs worked so well, I figured that I would give my hair a much needed break for a couple of months before putting a relaxer in my hair in December.  December was the month that I HAD to look good.  It was the month that I was finally graduating from college so there were pictures to be had!  That winter after realizing that I did not die nor did my hair fall out from not having a relaxer I decided that I was going to go natural and see what would happen.  It was far better than having the constant flaky scalp from the psoriasis that was caused by my relaxer treatments. 

 Dio @ Granduation

Fast forward to present day.  I finally did it!  After wearing long weaves and relaxers as long as I could remember, it was time to cut off all my relaxed ends.  I had just had surgery and I decided that now was the time to do it, plus here in Las Vegas, it gets hot enough in the summer that I would rather have the option of easy, heat free styles that did not involve a half wig or weave to sweat under.  I just took braids out of my hair, so braids were not an option for me at this time either.  I did my research, found a hair stylist that specializes in natural hair here in Las Vegas (shout out to Braid Studio’s Veronica!) and I set my appointment.  Thankfully there was not that much to cut because I had done most of the work, unintentionally by chopping some of my braids too short when taking them down.  After eight months of transitioning, I was ready even though I originally planned to transition for a year.  That night when my mom saw my hair, she said, “At least you have your wigs” [editor’s note: this is hillarious if you know Dio”s mom.  She is full of back-handed comments but will always tell you the truth, lol gotta love brutal honesty]  I get that this is not for everyone, but I embrace my tiny curls, and I will even rock a fro when the mood strikes.  It is a new beginning for me and while I will never say that I will not wear long weaves, half wigs and the sort ever again, I will say that I love the natural me and I love how it makes me feel. 

Thank you Dio for sharing your Big Chop story!

Going Natural

Tran·si·tion – noun : the act of passing from one stage into another.

So you’ve decided to go natural. Hooray, not what?

Going natural is easy if you use the following steps:

1. Stop relaxing your hair.
2. Repeat Step 1

Okay so maybe I left off a few details, but you understand what I mean. The process of going natural can be an amazing journey especially to those who have never seen their natural hair.

There are two ways to go natural (1) the big chop and (2) grow out and trim through transitioning. I have done both and can say that they each have their advantages and disadvantages.

The Big Chop involves cutting off all the relaxed hair at once either with scissors or clippers leaving a TWA or teenie weenie afro. TWA’s come in varying lengths depending on how fast your hair grows and the date of your last relaxer, but are normally an inch or less.

Advantage: You are instantly liberated and free to start your hair journey now.

Disadvantage: You are instantly liberated and free to start your hair journey now. Those who are not prepared to “deal with” what they find may be discouraged or overwhelmed.

Transitioning involves growing out your natural hair while regularly trimming off the relaxed ends. This process can take up to a year or more to complete depending on how long your hair was initially, how aggressive your trimming schedule is and how long you can manage caring for two textures. While growing out your hair you may continue to straighten your hair by blow-drying and/or flat ironing or choose to wear hair extensions, weaves, or natural hair styles such as twists and braids. You may experience breakage at the weak point, which is the line of demarcation from the relaxed to the natural part of your hair. This breakage is normal and nothing to be alarmed about as you where going to remove the hair anyway.

Advantage: This process allows you to make the change slowly.

Disadvantage: You have to manage two different hair textures and that can be a bit of a hassle.

No matter which method you choose you may also experience scab hair. Scab hair is new growth of natural hair that grows from the scalp that is characterized as dry, rough to the touch and unmanageable. Most of the breaking that occurs is in this region and you may also have split ends. Scab hair may not curl, remains dry no matter how much you moisturize and can be just plain unruly. It is best to continue trimming the scab hair back to the healthy new growth. It can take 3-6 months to grow out scab hair while some may not experience it at all.

The transitioning process is incredibly personal and thus will vary for person to person. However it is the beginning of a beautiful love affair with your glorious waves, curls, coils or kinks.

For more information on getting started on your natural hair journey check out Natural Hair Starter Kit and Book Recommendations for Natural Hair.