Avocado Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing with AvoPure

As you may recall I received a pouch of AvoPure avocado powder for the purpose of creating DIY beauty recipes.  While I was creating my DIY Avocado Pre-Poo Treatment, I thought “hmmm this would probably make a good salad dressing” and I was determined to find out.

I use a basic balsamic dressing recipe whenever I am making a salad for dinner and my typical salad includes nice chunks of creamy avocado.  I used my balsamic dressing recipe as a base and simply added a bit of the AvoPure avocado powder.  My imagination did not let me down. 20151220_133442

Avocado Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

  • 1/2 c Safflower oil (or a mild flavor oil)
  • 1/4 c balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tsp honey (or maple syrup)
  • 1 tsp dijon mustard
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1/8 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp AvoPure avocado powder

Add all ingredients, except the oil, to a medium sized bowl and whisk to combine.  Then slowly add the oil while whisking quickly to incorporate thoroughly. This will yield a medium viscosity creamy dressing.

for the Garden Salad

  • 1 head of green leaf, red leaf or Romaine lettuce
  • 1 cucumber
  • 6-8 Campari tomatoes (or one large tomato)
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 ounce blue cheese crumbles (optional)

Rough chop the lettuce discarding the core or base and place in a large bowl. Quarter the cucumber and add to the mixing bowl. Quarter your Campari tomatoes, or slice your regular tomato into bite-sized pieces and add to the bowl.  Slice your avocado in half, removing the pit. Then make vertical and horizontal slices into the flesh to create bite sized piece and add to the bowl. Sprinkle in blue cheese crumbles.  Add your dressing and toss. Yields four servings.

I serve this salad several times a week and it is very easy to make.  I like the Campari tomatoes because they have a low acidity and aren’t filled with tomato goo. They are also small which makes them easy to use.  Do not use iceberg lettuce, in fact don’t even eat that crap. It is the just solid water with no nutritional value and no taste. I love blue cheese and it belongs in this salad, but it is just as good without it.

For the dressing you can substitute pretty much anything. I use whatever I have on hand. If I am out of honey I will use maple syrup, agave nectar or even brown sugar.  For the mustard you need it to act as an emulsifier so do not exclude it.  This dressing also makes a great marinade for chicken or beef. You can make it ahead of time and store in your fridge if you like but it is very easy to make on the fly.


#ybnQueenMe: An Instagram Campaign Celebrating Black Queendom

Our Black is beautiful and its time we shout it to the world! I love what Young Black and Nappy is doing with their #ybnQueenMe campaign. Read on to discover how to participate.


Because all Black women deserve to be treated like queens. All Black women should be treated like queens.

QUEEN | /kwēn/ | noun

1. the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.
synonyms: monarch, sovereign, ruler, head of state

2. a woman regarded as excellent or outstanding
synonyms: superstar, leading light, goddess

Most of us are familiar with the layperson’s definition of a queen, right? A queen is a member of the royal family. She rules. She wears a crown that signifies her status and her glory. If you saw a queen, you’d know it. And you’d show reverence.

Or would you?

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Texting My Daughter: Don’t Mess with My [E]motions

I moved SK into her dorm room about a month ago, before leaving she of course raided my massive product stash for hair products to take with her to school.  Now I don’t mind sharing, I have more products than I could ever use. However she knows better than to mess with my favorite products, they are located up high on a shelf not to be confused with the lowly bins on the ground.

Imagine my surprise when she sent me this photo yesterday with the caption “Just found this in my hair box. My bad LOL”.Motions Straight Finish Styler

Lol. Lol? You have my favorite heat protectant and all you have to say is LOL? Who’s laughing? The following dialogue ensued between us. Texts got real
Yes. Okay maybe LaTavia comment was a little low. She should know better to play with my Motions Straight Finish Sealer. Check out my YT Review for my thoughts on this product line.

How to Start Your Own Headwrapping Business or Event Fundraiser

Inspirit Arts Headwrap flyer

Are you interested in earning extra income or starting your own business? Love the natural hair community and want a way to reach others while making money? Or are you in love with our culture and want to get to know more about headwrapping?


 Sylvia NebSa Harmon of Inspirit Arts Vendor Academy presents

How to Start A Headwrapping Business or Fundraiser

This 3-part workshop Miss NebSa will provide a hands on experience on headwrap styles, how to give group presentation and vend, how to successfully sale to anyone, functional booth design, and the inside knowledge she has culminated in her many years of service.

This class is ideal for stylist, or those already working in the beauty industry, bloggers, or people who have natural entrepreneurial spirit and a connection to the community.

RSVP on Eventbrite and get 2 for 1 admissions. 


Sip n Shop with Pure Shea Store

You’re Invited…

Pure Shea Store Louisville

Sip n Shop

Friday June 13th 2014

7-9:00 pm 


Join us for a private evening of shopping, wine and appetizers.  Learn more about Pure Shea Store and the products offered locally including pure shea butter soaps, body butter, bath salts and sugar scrubs.  Support local business, while networking with friends and find products for your hair and body care.  I will be on hand as well as the Soap Man himself, Chris Thigpen, answering your questions concerning dry hair, eczema, acne and itchy scalp.  This event is FREE to Derby City Naturals members. Go to the FB invite and let me know you plan to attend so we can plan accordingly. See you Friday!
Soapman Pure Shea Store
Pure Shea Store
2804 Dumesnil St Louisville, KY 40211
Below The PHA Masonic Temple
Free parking available.


Am I Allergic to Bobby Pins?

I love updos. They are my favorite hairstyle to rock.  My stylist has sculpted some pretty amazing looks for me including twisted updo + rod set curls and twist with scallop bang.  One key tool to achieving a great updo are bobby pins. Dakota will have your hair pinned into a unique form that will have you setting off metal detectors in order to make sure your style shall not be moved [no really we almost had an incident at the airport, but that is another story for another day].


However the last couple times I got my hair done I noticed my scalp has very irritated, itchy and sore.  I can normally wear a good twisted or braided updo for weeks at a time, but lately after just a few days the itching becomes uncomfortable.  I tried treating my scalp with the usual suspects but with no relief, so I end up taking the style down and blaming it on my scalp’s fickle behavior.

A few days ago I gave myself an easy style to help accommodate the frigid temps.  I twisted my hair back into 5 chunky flat then pinned them into a flat bun, a loose interpretation on this style.  Well after only a day my scalp was really itchy in the back where my bun was.  I took down the bobby pins grabbed a ink pen to scratch my scalp gently and told myself I would rub it down with some acv later.  I never actually got around to treating my scalp and the next day I noticed I didn’t itch at all. That made me think: what if it was the bobby pins that were irritating my hair? I used a plastic clip to make a bun and three days later I have yet to have any additional itch or irritation.

The bobby pins I use are holdovers from twisted updos past done at the salon. These are just regular bobby pins from a BSS, nothing special about them. I don’t know if it is the metal, paint or the coating but something about them is irritating my scalp.  I am going to look into better quality of bobby pins and I will let you know how that goes.  In the mean time I will be using Goody Ouchless Barrettes which are plastic.  You can also looking into sewing your hair for updo styles, it is the same thread used for sew-in weaves and is a popular technique used when creating updos on locs.

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3 years ago today I decided to create a place where people with natural hair and those who were interested in returning to natural in the Louisville, KY area could find information on products, styles, salons, and DIY recipes. I had no idea it would blossom into what it has become. I thank you all for your friendship, love and support.