US Marine Corps Updates Hair Regulations

Marine with locs and twists

The US Marine Corps has implemented new hairstyle regulations for female Marines. These women now have the option to wear their hair in locs or twists as part of the new standard, braided styles were already allowed by previous standard. The Marine Corps is the first branch of US military service to allow locs.

For more information, check out this article on the official US Marine Corps website



#NoBareLips30 Cycle 4

Once again it’s on! Grab your favorite lippies, unlock your social media accounts, post your pix and tell a friend: #NoBareLips30 is back.


I should have actually written this post before the new season launched, but oh well CP time is a thing. So today is officially day 3, but if you can jump right in and start on day 4 tomorrow.

If you are not familiar here are the #NoBareLips30 Challenge fast facts

Who: #NoBareLips30 is a month long makeup challenge started by Keiko Kaveri to showcase the beauty of women of color.

What: The challenge is to wear different lipstick colors, styles, and techniques for thirty days according to the official calendar.

When: The current challenge runs from 12/11/15 – 1/9/16

Where: All forms of social media including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+. On IG follow me @HereIsMySpout, follow KK @KeikoKaveri, follow the hashtag #NoBareLips30

Why: The mission of this challenge is to celebrate and encourage women of color and our beauty. It is also to learn and share makeup tips.  I have participated since the beginning and I have definitely reaped the benefits of group knowledge.

How: Follow the calendar listed below. You can participate every day or just a few days. I encourage you to scroll the hashtag and see what other ladies are wearing daily. You will learn about drugstore dupes, makeup tips and most importantly see images of beauty that are not highlighted in the media. #NoBareLips30 Calendar

If you have any questions or are looking for tips please feel free to hit me up on Twitter @DerbyCityNat or @HereIsMySpout.

10 Tips to Survive the WNHS

It’s the last weekend in April which means every natural must make her (or his) pilgrimage to Atlanta, GA for the 18th annual World Natural Hair Show presented by Taliah Waajid. While the show has made some significant changes over the years, it still ranks as the definitive natural hair expo in the world. Whether you are there for the deals on natural hair products, educational seminars, or like me just want to commune with your curlfriends there is definitely something for everyone.  As a long time visitor to the show I am going to share with you my tried and true tips to make the best of this event.

Derby City Naturals WNHS

Me and Shea Moisture Makeup Artist @k_pari

  1. Set a budget and bring cash.  There are so many deals and it is very easy to spend double or triple what you intended. The advantage to cash is that you connect with each purchase and once it is gone you know you have to make a decision on whether or not to continue.
  2. Buy your tickets online. Yes I know the service charge is BS however the line to purchase tickets is ALWAYS long. Too long.  There is a much shorter and completely separate line for those who have purchased tickets ahead of time.
  3. Make a list.  And stick to it! Write down which products and vendors you desire to purchase from to stay on track. Check the FB pages of your favorite vendors and write down their booth numbers it is easy to forget a vendor once you enter the matrix.
  4. Come prepared. Most people are not ready to spend 3+ hours needed to walk the expo. Eat before you come, there is a snack bar but trust me you want to eat a real meal.  Bring your own bag to carry your purchases, make sure it has enough room and comfortable straps. Wear shoes that are made for walking and standing.
  5. Mind your electronics. Bring your phone charger (or backup battery) you will be surprised how fast your phone will die. Also to spare your battery life while in the expo hall turn your phone to airplane mode. This will allow you to take pictures but will turn off other apps to save your battery.
  6. Do not purchase from the first vendor you see. There are many repeat t-shirt, jewelry and oil vendors so make sure you walk the floor and check them out before making your purchase as you may find a better deal.
  7. If you are attending the show with friends, set a spot to meet up and specific time.  Again phone service can be sketchy and it is easy to lose track of time. I would recommend meeting up at the snack bar in the back of the expo hall after 90 minutes. This will give you time to walk the show, compare purchases and get something to drink while you are there.
  8. Buy more and save.  The vendors are there to make money and you are there to save so meet each other in the middle, propose a discount on a volume purchase even if you don’t see one displayed.  For example if earrings are $5 each offer the vendor a deal of $20 for 5 pairs,  that will save you a $1 per pair.
  9. Pay attention to smaller vendors. There are many smaller vendors who use this show to introduce themselves to the market. I was introduced to OBIA Naturals a few years ago at the WNHS.  You can get your hands on the product, ask questions and most will do a demo so you can try before you buy.
  10. Take time to rest.  There is always a stage near the center of the expo hall, grab a chair and check out the talent that is performing and give your feet a rest before walking the rest of the show.

While you are in Atlanta take in some of the awesome sites and things to do, this city always has something going on and is never boring.  If you are looking for a product that wasn’t at the hair show, use the Target, Walgreens, or CVS store locator app because Atlanta is such a natural hair Mecca many products are available in stores that may not be available where you live.  I will be at the show Saturday afternoon so be sure to say hi if you see me.

Go Red for Women on 2/6/15


ONE of every THREE women DIES of heart disease and stroke.

To raise awareness for heart disease we Go Red for Women on 2/6/15.

There are several factors that increase your risk for heart disease including:

  • High Cholesterol: Total Cholesterol > 200 mg/DL
  • High Blood Pressure: BP > 12/80 mm Hg
  • Smoking increases your risk for heart disease by 4x
  • Diabetes increases your risk for heart disease by 4x
  • BMI: Your body mass index =  weight in pounds x 703 / height in inches. The higher your BMI the higher your risk for heat disease
  • Lack of physical activity.  Increasing your physical activity can help decrease cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, BMI as well as reducing stress and increasing overall heart health.


I wanna see each of you Go Red on 2/6/15. Wear a red lip, put on a red pair of socks, add a red scarf to your outfit and encourage others to do so also. Snap a picture and post on social media using the hashtags #GoRedSelfie and #NaturalsGoRed.

To learn more about heart disease and what you can do to prevent it, visit Go Red For Women website. You should also talk to your doctor about your risks for heart disease and make sure you have your levels tested so you can take action if you are at risk.

Go Red For Women

Follow the American Heart Association’s official Go Red for Women accounts on twitter @GoRedForWomen, facebook Go Red for Women, and instagram @GoRedForWomenAHA.  Also make sure you follow me too on twitter @DerbyCityNat, facebook Derby City Naturals and instagram @HereIsMySpout.


#NoBareLips30 Cycle 3 Week 4

I was traveling last week so I was unable to post my recap for week two and post on week 3. Remember for the most up to date info on #NoBareLips30 to follow @KeikoKaveri on Twitter, IG, blog, FB and Tumblr.

Here is a recap of my week 3 looks:

No Bare Lips 30 Week 3 recap

My favorite look from week three was Vamp (lower left) which was achieved using 320 Mahogany x New York Color lined with Blue Divine eyeliner x Jordana. I wanted a liner that was deeper than my lipstick and I don’t own a lip liner that dark however this deep blue eyeliner came thru.

As a side note I want you all to check out Color Us Beautiful which is a movement dedicated to showcasing women of color in all our beauty. Such a positive movement I can really get behind. I will have a future post with the creator Duana soon.

No Bare Lips 30 Schedule for Cycle 3 Week 4

  1. Sunday 1/25 Easy, go-to lip color
  2. Monday 1/26 Ombre
  3. Tuesday 1/27 Brown
  4. Wednesday 1/28 Work lip
  5. Thursday 1/29 Celebrity look
  6. Friday 1/30 Burgundy
  7. Saturday 1/31 90s lip trend

NBL30 Wk4

We are in the final stretch of #NoBareLips30 challenge, let’s finish strong!  Try your best to participate daily and do not be afraid to tweet the hashtag or post on fb if you need help. You can follow me on instagram @HereIsMySpout.

#NoBareLips30 C3W2

Hey yall we have now made it to Cycle 3, Week 2 of #NoBareLips30 Challenge.  In case you don’t know #NoBareLips30 is a simply challenge started by Keiko Kaveri to wear lipstick every day for thirty (30) days.

Here is a recap of my lips from week one.
wpid-photogrid_1421005933944.jpgMy favorite look from week one was Date night (upper-left corner) which is A041 Ferguson Crest Cabernet x Wet n Wild lined with Purple Fusion x Jordana. I just love this color combo. And I was also totes excited to pull off the peach lip (bottom-center) which I created by mixing together 5001B Tropical Sunburst with a dab of 5014 Reggae Red both x Black Radiance this is a look that will be revisited.

I saw a few questions on the hashtag that I wanted to answer here on the blog in case you have these issues as well.

  1. Transferring. This is when your lipstick gets on everything that touches your mouth.  In my experience the cheaper brands tend to to do this more than my pricier ones however there is a trick to help set your lipstick. After applying lay a single sheet of tissue over your mouth and lightly dust your lips with powder.
  2. Dryness. The weather is cold, the wind is blowing and the air is dry which all wreak havoc on your lips.  Start by using your favorite lip balm before applying your lipstick this will keep your lips moisturized from the start. Don’t forget to moisturizing them again throughout the day.
  3. Peeling. My skin peels a lot this time of year especially on my lips. You gotta exfoliate your kisser. Use a lip scrub which is a mix of sugar and oil to slough away the dead skin. You can also use your wash cloth and warm water and rub your lips in a circular motion, I do this every morning.

Here is the schedule for Cycle 3 Week 2

  • Sunday 1/11 Orange.
  • Monday 1/12 Work Smarter, Not Harder. A simple makeup look that looks complicated
  • Tuesday 1/13 Gold.
  • Wednesday 1/14 On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.
  • Thursday 1/15 Red.
  • Friday 1/16 Purple.
  • Saturday 1/17 Beauty Inspiration.

NoBareLips30 Wk 2 Calendar


As always just do your best to participate every day and most of all have fun.  If you have any questions you can tweet using the hashtag #NoBareLips30 and someone will try to help.  Here are some of my fav lips from week one on IG Phaxsimile, JustJali, and Such_a_frknlady. Follow me and all my lippie looks on instagram @HereIsMySpout.

#NoBareLips30 Cycle 3

Its that time again ladies, time to put your best lippie forward and stunt! Yes it is #NoBareLips30 season.

It is because of this challenge that I learned I could pull off a lippie.

It is because of #NoBareLips30 challenge that I learned I could pull off an orange lippie. Wearing Black Radiance 5116 Tiger Lily

What is #NoBareLips30?

#NoBareLips30 is a simply challenge started by Keiko Kaveri to wear lipstick every day for thirty (30) days.  This is my third time participating in the challenge and it is not only a lot of fun and a way to make new e-friends, but you will also learn makeup tips and tricks.

How do you participate in #NoBareLips30?

Simply post a picture with you wearing a lippie (lipstick, lip gloss, liner, etc) and use the hashtag #NoBareLips30.  You can post this on any social media platform facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc.  It also helps if you include what you used to achieve the look: name of liner, lipstick, gloss, how you applied it, where you bought it, etc.

Are there rules associated with #NoBareLips30?

The first cycle was a freestyle post what ever lip look you chose. The second cycle each day had a theme like On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink (homage to Mean Girls). This cycle does have theme days, see the first week posted on KKs blog, however do not be discouraged if you do not have the particular lip color or think you cannot wear a color. Be brave and be inspired by the posts of others.

  • Sunday 1/4 How did you hear about #NoBareLips30
  • Monday 1/5 Lipliner do an all liner look.
  • Tuesday 1/6 Cuddles, what color makes you think of cuddles
  • Wednesday 1/7 Choose your color
  • Thursday 1/8 Date night look
  • Friday 1/9 Electric lip
  • Saturday 1/10 Peach lip (Tip mix orange and nude lipstick to make a peach color or you can blend peach eyeshadow with lipgloss)

Most of all just do your best to participate every day and most of all have fun.  If you have any questions you can tweet using the hashtag #NoBareLips30 and someone will try to help. You can also do what I do and ask my friend and makeup artist @Calbear95 she is a true makeup guru and loves to help. You DO NOT have to wear fancy expensive brands, I wear mostly Wet n Wild lippies, they are inexpensive and I like them. If you see a color you like by a more expensive brand don’t be afraid and ask for a dupe (cheaper knockoff). Follow me and all my lippie looks on instagram @HereIsMySpout.

RIP Titi Branch, Miss Jessie’s Co-Founder

I woke up to the news this morning of the death of Titi Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessie’s hair care line.

Titi Branch

Titi along with his sister Miko started Miss Jessie’s, named after their grandmother, in 2004.  The Brooklyn sisters were some of the early pioneers in the natural hair product business and achieved wide success in their salon, where they ushered curly-haired men and women to tame and treat their tresses.  Miss Jessie’s products were among the first to reach national distribution in major retailer Target.

The news that I have been able to gather from various sources is that Titi died of an apparent suicide approximately two weeks ago on December 4, 2014 from asphyxia, she was 45.  NV Magazine posted an obituary on their facebook page and there was also this video tribute posted by director Andre Robert Lee.

Titi Cree Branch, born June 10, 1969 is survived by her parents and sister Miko. Rest In Power.

Miko Branch Tweet