My Hairstory

My hair has been an interesting part of my life.  I have sported many hairstyles including natural, relaxed, Jheri Curl, cornrows, weaves, extensions, etc.

I have been natural on and off my life.  I can always remember marathon braiding sessions while laying in my mother’s lap on Saturday evenings.  I received a Jheri Curl in the 3rd grade after pleading with my mother for a quick fix for my long thick hair which she finally allowed.  It only took one summer of constant swimming without a swim cap and “fake-washing” to cause damage so severe I went from mid-back length to TWA.  I liked my short hair because it was quick and easy and I could do it myself.

As my hair grew longer my mother returned to cornrowing my hair to keep it “presentable” and would press it on special occasions.  By Jr. High School straight hair became “the thing” and I again begged my mother to rid me of my puffy blow-out or press for the luxurious straight feel that only a relaxer can bring.  She honored my request but limited my touch-ups to about 4 times a year.  I often sported extension braids when I wanted a break.

By high school I went through varying periods of relaxed hair, transitioning back to natural, chopping my hair short like Halle and wearing extensions or interlocks (aka crochet braids).  I really used my hair to accentuate my style and express my mood.

In college me and a friend decided to go natural [again] but would only wear our hair straight either by pressing it or flat-ironing.  I would occasionally throw some braids in when I was tired with it and didn’t want to be bothered.  I began relaxing my hair again simply for ease of use at the end of my college years as I was the master of the flat wrap.

The relaxing continued on until 2008 when I received a “challenge” from my teenage daughter who was feeling the same itch to relax as I had in Jr High.  I refused her request to relax her hair but agreed to return to wearing my hair natural also.  I began my transition in March of 2008 by chopping an inch from my hair every couple of months until I was fully transitioned in February 2009.

Natural Aug 2010

When  I  began transitioning I continued to flat-iron my hair for the first 6 months, then switched to braid-outs to help match the two hair textures.  Since then I have tried many different products and styles but my regimen has settled on me being a weekly styler for most of the year opting mostly for two-strand twist styles Monday – Thursday and twist-out on the weekend.  During the Summer months I love to wear Wash-n-Go styles because they are quick and easy.

A few pix of me through out the years.

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17 thoughts on “My Hairstory

  1. I notice that most of the people that promote natural hair really have a very nice texture already. So yes I am very skeptical! I have been searching & reading several stories but most often there hair is in good condition & styled. Do you have pictures? I myself enjoy straight hair & how simple it is to manage but chemicals are just to harsh for my hair. Thank You

    • 90% of the photos you see on my page are of me or people i know in real life. I will add a few shots of myself throughout my hair journey so you can see my hair and what it really looks like. Kinky and curly haired women of all textures are choosing to go natural and all for different reasons. The fact is you don’t know that your natural hair will be like until you decide to just go for it. I hope you do.

    • Don’t be skeptical. You just have to relearn your hair, my hair is flat ironed in the icon but still natural. Do your research and your hair will suprise you. There are so many ways to define and recreate your curl pattern naturally so you can always change it. There are twist outs, braid outs, straw sets, bantu knots, flat twist outs, corn row outs and many more styling products designed to help manage your hair.

      Happy to be nappy since 2009

      • Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m still natural I think, because not so long ago I done a texturizer & it definitely helped to make it more manageable. I don’t want to use chemicals anymore so I wear extensions. The problem is that whenever I get sick & tired of the extensions I can’t do anything else. It doesn’t flat iron smooth enough for me to even consider leaving the house LOL. I guess it’s not meant for me to try this at home so I’m definitely going to seek help from a professional.

  2. I just found this site and I love it! I went natural 2 years ago and all I can say Carla if you are still reading is that you have to learn to love your hair. I do admit I did not like the first year and often would straighten it with a flat iron. I had to ask God to help me love “Me” just the way he made me. So, no more flat ironing, especially at the request of my girls. And my hair is now so curly and unique. I have very thin hair so, my curls are hard to define. But I kept working with it until I found products that brought my curl pattern out. Now, I love my curls so much and can’t believe it took me until 40 years old to start doing this. You don’t need a professional. You need patience, experimentation and love. God Bless.

  3. Thank you so much! Your page/ journey has helped me more than you know. I am so encouraged. I began my journey because my hair was breaking off & I was scared to do anything to it for fear of more damage. My friend decided to go natural again & I decided to board the train. I am 5 months in and of course still learning but I was starting to get bored. A friend recommended your page and I am so thankful. God Bless & Thank You….

    Your hair is BEAUTIFUL!

    • Tyffanee you just warmed my heart. This page is a labor of love and it is stories like this that keep me motivated. I have been down this road a couple times but it only really clicked for me on my most recent journey. There is so much love and support out here to help you along the way. Please feel free to email any questions or comment on the post. Also check out our fb page for daily interactions.

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  5. Love this site as well, was happy to read about the girl with the thin hair that’s me thin and gray it’s been rocky this past 1 1/2 yrs post bc but I keep trucking along hoping that someone will post the perfect answer to my hair woes, guess I’ll try straw set next.

  6. Love, love, love this site. I live in dayton ohio, and I am hoping that we will began having a meet up for our natural women here. I tell women when they tell me they don’t know if they will like their hair texture if they go natural, “When God made you, he didn’t make a mistake. We as people make mistakes. He said your hair, skin color, eyes, lips etc were good. If they’re good enough for God, they’re good enough for me! Going on 2 yrs. natural with my 4b,c hair. Has truly been a journey,and I would not change a thing! Natural anniversary in a couple of months! WhooHoo!

  7. I have just went natural and using Henna and Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to color my hair. I will never turn back to Chemicals. My hair has not felt this good since I was “A Little Girl.” I get my Henna from, and I also found “A fantastic GoatMilk Shampoo that is Out Of This World.”

  8. I am also Irish,Scot,german,dutch Ancestry, the Red Color in my Hair Turned out “Very Vibrant.” I love it. Look up Homestead Ranch in Lecompton Kansas For GoatMilk Shampoo, bodylotion and BarSoaps.

  9. I think this is wonderful, I love looking at black women doing different things with their hair!! It’s like art!! Ive decided to go natural, my hair is salt and pepper and I’m not sure how I’m going to look. But I’m determined to do it, I’m tiered of paying money for relaxers. Thank you for this sight it is just the encouragement that I need.

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