PuffCuff Now Available in Smaller Sizes


PuffCuff Hair ClampThe PuffCuff hair clamp is a required accessory for your natural arsenal. Think banana clip but much sturdier and shaped in the form of a circle to create the perfect puff no stretched headbands or knee high socks required.

I’ve used my PuffCuff to create many awesome styles including this one that I was most proud of. Yes it even works on straight hair and will not slip out!  Puff Cuff Styled On Straight Hair3 Reasons You Need A Puff Cuff

  1. If you, like me, have a really large head or, like my friend Monica of Knapsgirl.com, have a really small head, finding hair accessories that stay in place, hold the hair without slipping and don’t cause headaches is not the easiest thing. The Puff Cuff slides in to the hair and clips close without squeezing your head.
  2. You have really thick hair that decimates hair accessories heaving them to their doom or really fine hair that puts up no resistance allowing hair accessories to slink down your tresses and fall to their doom.  The Puff Cuff’s design allows it to securely grip the hair even when straight and remain in place.
  3. You love wearing a puff but you are embarrassed to admit that you use an overstretched headband, the leg of a pair of pantyhose, or another re-purposed item. Its okay to be ashamed and its okay to want a quality accessory.

And It Just Got Better

The one thing I wished for in regards to the Puff Cuff is that it was available in different sizes.  Well ladies and gents that day has arrived. You can now pre-order the PuffCuff Jr, Mini and Micro with free shipping through 7/10/15.

  • PuffCuff Jr is a slightly smaller version of the original 5” PuffCuff. PuffCuff Jr is perfect for those with less hair density and those wanting more styling options than what can be achieved with the original.
  • PuffCuff Mini is perfect for creating two Afro puffs, ponytails or buns. Minis were designed with our little curly headed girls and boys in mind.
  • Puff Cuff Micro is the smallest of the crew perfect for small naturals or to use to create multiple puffs, ponytails or buns.
  • There is also a Family Pack available which contains a combination of the original and newer PuffCuff sizes. New PuffCuff Sizes

Click this link to place your pre-order with free shipping.

I ordered a PuffCuff Jr for myself. I am also going to order Mini/Micro for my nieces to use. The PuffCuff works for all hair whether curly, coily, locs, wavy, straight, fine, or thick. And there are so many styles that can be created. Check out PuffCuff IG page for more inspiration.

This review is my own opinion. I was not given any products for free nor was I compensated for writing a review. Products were purchased with my own money.



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