#NoBareLips30 C3W2

Hey yall we have now made it to Cycle 3, Week 2 of #NoBareLips30 Challenge.  In case you don’t know #NoBareLips30 is a simply challenge started by Keiko Kaveri to wear lipstick every day for thirty (30) days.

Here is a recap of my lips from week one.
wpid-photogrid_1421005933944.jpgMy favorite look from week one was Date night (upper-left corner) which is A041 Ferguson Crest Cabernet x Wet n Wild lined with Purple Fusion x Jordana. I just love this color combo. And I was also totes excited to pull off the peach lip (bottom-center) which I created by mixing together 5001B Tropical Sunburst with a dab of 5014 Reggae Red both x Black Radiance this is a look that will be revisited.

I saw a few questions on the hashtag that I wanted to answer here on the blog in case you have these issues as well.

  1. Transferring. This is when your lipstick gets on everything that touches your mouth.  In my experience the cheaper brands tend to to do this more than my pricier ones however there is a trick to help set your lipstick. After applying lay a single sheet of tissue over your mouth and lightly dust your lips with powder.
  2. Dryness. The weather is cold, the wind is blowing and the air is dry which all wreak havoc on your lips.  Start by using your favorite lip balm before applying your lipstick this will keep your lips moisturized from the start. Don’t forget to moisturizing them again throughout the day.
  3. Peeling. My skin peels a lot this time of year especially on my lips. You gotta exfoliate your kisser. Use a lip scrub which is a mix of sugar and oil to slough away the dead skin. You can also use your wash cloth and warm water and rub your lips in a circular motion, I do this every morning.

Here is the schedule for Cycle 3 Week 2

  • Sunday 1/11 Orange.
  • Monday 1/12 Work Smarter, Not Harder. A simple makeup look that looks complicated
  • Tuesday 1/13 Gold.
  • Wednesday 1/14 On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.
  • Thursday 1/15 Red.
  • Friday 1/16 Purple.
  • Saturday 1/17 Beauty Inspiration.

NoBareLips30 Wk 2 Calendar


As always just do your best to participate every day and most of all have fun.  If you have any questions you can tweet using the hashtag #NoBareLips30 and someone will try to help.  Here are some of my fav lips from week one on IG Phaxsimile, JustJali, and Such_a_frknlady. Follow me and all my lippie looks on instagram @HereIsMySpout.


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