Product Review: Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque

Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque

Montagne Jeunesse

Chocolate Masque 

0.7 oz, < $2

Available at Ulta, Walmart, Kroger and other drug stores

ing: Purified water, Kaolin clay, Illite clay, Glycerin, Glyceryl stearate SE, Bentonite clay, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Ceteareth-20, Butyrospemum parkii (Shea butter),  Theobroma cacao (cocoa) shell powder, Sea salt (Dead Sea salt), Aroma, Glucose, Lactoperoxidase, Citric acid, Glucose oxidase, Iron oxides.

Nourish your skin with a feast of rich and creamy delights! Rich in natural ingredients this deep cleansing chocolate mud masque will help to unblock pores, allowing impurities to be drawn out.  Coupled with the skin healing properties of Dead Sea Salt and the moisturizing benefits of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, you will be left with renewed, re-hydrated and younger looking skin. For normal, dry and combination skin.

Taking care of my skin is very important.  At least weekly as part of my skincare regimen I deep cleanse, exfoliate and apply a mud mask.  I regularly mix up my own mask, but it is fun to try other masks available.  This mask caught my attention because it was inexpensive and a small one-time-use amount so I didn’t have to commit to an entire jar or tube.

5 Things I Like About This Product

  1. Its smells like chocolate. I actually thought about tasting it but then I came to my senses.
  2. While it is only 0.7 ounces, it is more than enough for a couple or three applications. I normally apply some to my face and neck and some to Lil Prince’s face as well and there is still more left in the package.
  3. The product goes on very smoothly.  The consistency is actually perfect not runny at all but not too thick that it is difficult to extract from the packaging.  It is very creamy comparable to thick body cream.
  4. It is super inexpensive. There are so many different flavors offered and I love that you could pick up a different one for every week of the month for less than $2 each.
  5. It rinses clean once dry and leaves the skin feeling tightened, balanced and hydrated.

I have used a couple different masks from this line. My personal favorite as far as overall feel is the Dead Sea Mud Pac.  An extra tip is to place the mask in the fridge before use, it will feel so good applying the cool mask to your skin. If you have any leftover mask you can push it toward the bottom of the pack, seal in a ziplock bag and place in the fridge for future use. I have left a previously opened pack in the fridge for two weeks and it was fine.  Next time you are perusing the beauty section of the drug or grocery store pick up mask and give it a try.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: Montagne Jeunesse Chocolate Masque

  1. We’re these near the check out? If so I purchased 3 of them for myself and my 2 daughters. Haven’t tried them yet so thanks for the review. Will use the chocolate one this weekend. Nice to know I can get more than 1 use.

    • I’ve seen them near the checkout and on end caps as well as the beauty section. You can get *at least* 2 uses out of one pack I’m sure I could get three if I tried. Remember to wash and exfoliate your face first before applying mask for maximum results.

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