Traveling with Natural Hair

I love to travel. Recently I went on my first cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruises, I had an absolute blast if you have not ever been cruising it is something you simply MUST do! Check out my girl Janine with Your Door to the World Travel if you are interested in taking one.

Haley on a cruise This first thought that entered my mind after the excitement of going on a cruise was what am I going to do with my hair? I knew I was going to be spending lots of time in the ocean or the pool by day and dancing the night away so the best style for me would be a wash-n-go. I could wash my hair regularly to remove salt water, chlorine, sweat and whatever ever I managed to get in there while still looking cute. I had to make sure the products I selected would be effective and reliable but also be ideal for meeting restraints of limited luggage, flying and multi-use. Here is what I selected.

  1. Bobeam Shampoo Bar These bars do an excellent job of cleansing the hair and scalp they are compact and best of all they are not liquid so you can pack them in your carryon luggage saving room in your checked baggage.
  2. Aussie Moist 3-Minute Miracle I know I can be a bit of a product snob but I always have a cheap condish in my arsenal. One I that will work as both to moisturize my curls and has enough slip to detangle. I also don’t feel guilty when I accidently leave it behind in the shower at the hotel.
  3. Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Gel While I haven’t officially posted a review for this gel it has been road tested several times. I can get up to two day hair with one application, it is lightweight and provides consistent results. Also because it is so mucilage heavy I don’t have to use a leave-in conditioner underneath.
  4. Hydratherma Naturals Hair Growth Oil I have a small 2 ounce bottle that I travel with to soothe scalp, seal hair and add shine. It also smells really good which is an added plus.
  5. Oh Honey Hush Hair Scarves There will come times when you need to pull your hair up either to simply get it out of the way or just for a cute style. Many ladies use stretchy headbands which work for some but my head is big +  I have a lot of hair = headaches and broken bands. I prefer to tie my hair back and these scarves are just so damn cute.

That was my complete hair care list. I didn’t bring a comb either, just finger detangled my hair while conditioning it. There were some days I simply did a conditioner only wash-n-go and tied my hair up in a puff because I knew I would be getting in the ocean and did not want to waste any hair products. I had the most wonderful time on my cruise and I am already planning the next one.



4 thoughts on “Traveling with Natural Hair

  1. Hi. I am so glad you had a great time on your cruise. You look as if you have found your slice of heaven. Therefore, I won’t go into detail as to why I won’t give cruising a whirl. Anyway, my question is about the Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha Gel. Thanks to you, I’ve recently learned that I have low porosity curls. So much for all the products I have been collecting and stashing in closets and cabinets. Here I am starting anew. With the Pusha Gel, you had mentioned that you don’t need a leave in? That sounds almost too easy. Did you shampoo and use a RI conditioner before applying the gel? At the age of 54, It’s only been a few years that I’ve even learned to embrace my 3b/3c curls and now I realize that I have been using the wrong curly hair products. But thanks to you, your suggestions and references to other wonderful women, such as Elle, with low porosity hair, I am looking forward to less frizz, more bounce and elongated curls. I appreciate your response and any other suggestions you may have for me and my curls. Have a great day!

    • Susanne I was REALLY nervous about cruising but I had such a great time and I was well taken care of by Royal Caribbean.

      On to your question: I am medium porosity. I washed my hair used my rinse out but left a tad bit still in my hair. Then I applied PP gel on WET hair. I twisted my hair into 4 sections and squeezed off the excess water and tied it up with a T-shirt (plopping) after I was dressed I took the T-shirt off my head untwisted and applied a little bit of oil and shook out my hair. That’s it. No leave in.

      With this gel I don’t need a leave in but I can only get 2-3 day hair max so it is good for vacation or anytime I am redoing my hair more often. Also you don’t need a lot. The first time I used too much and hair was flake/crunchy. I would suggest seeing if you can get a sample to try the product 1st before buying.

      • Hi. Thank you for your very prompt response. I’m happy to hear that it was smooth sailing all the way for you. I have heard, from some brave friends, that Royal Caribbean is very accommodating and go out of their way to ensure that the passengers have an excellent experience.

        Now onto our gorgeous locks. I truly appreciate your very detailed answer to my question. Aha, you applied the gel to Wet hair. I too wrap my hair in a t-shirt but I am trying to do it without flipping my hair and head over and wearing the t-shirt turban style. Not having much luck with that. Maybe with gel in it when wet, it will actually twist into sections, otherwise I’m not doing too well with that either. Yes, it is ok to chuckle at this point. It’s long, heavy, doesn’t twist and makes a sopping wet mess of the bathroom. Every time I see a great short style, I threaten my curls.

        I have been co washing, turbanning, leave in conditioning, applying pudding and oiling some portions on those days that I don’t just wet it down in the shower. My hydrating shampoo is okay, but I’ve been comparing the holy grail lists of low porosity women as to what rinse out conditioners and leave ins to use when I want a really clean feeling head and hair. I see that gel is the #1 go to styler vs. pudding. Today, I am proud to announce, I purchased my first tube of aloe vera for my hair as an experiment, even though know I’ll have to move onto heavier and heavier gels as the days get warmer and more humid. Is there ever a day will won’t have to think about the frizz factor?

        Again, I thank you for your very sincere reply. If there is anything else that you may think of that I should know to assist with my learning curve, I would be grateful. Looking forward to your next post and review.



  2. Girl yes! I am a cruise loving fool myself, I hope you had a good time! You look adorable.
    We did two completely different things for our vacations- where you decided to rock wash n go’s, I went with the protective style route & got box braids. I felt like they would be less maintenance, and I could still get to my scalp after being in the water all day. I had some sample sizes of Alikay Naturals and a small jar of coconut oil that I carried with me in my carry on bag (I refuse to pay for checked luggage!)
    I wrote a blog post on it, if you’d like to check it out:
    You’re tempting me to switch up my travel routine & rock a wash n go ok my next vacation, my TWA should have grown out a little by then lol.

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