My 20 Minutes Podcast Interview

My old friend Rashani called me one day and asked the question, “Hey you got 20 minutes?”  And thus that started my interview on the hot new podcast 20 Minutes, hosted by Rashani of Single Simulcast fame.20 Minutes Podcast

Rashani and I go way back. Back before I actually got my first perm.  We grew up together in northern Cali and have kept in close contact over the years.  So in this 20 Minute interview Rashani wanted to talk about this new trend of natural hair something he is seeing take place in his own house with his wife and daughter. Luckily that is a topic I am well versed on.

Click this link to listen to the podcast

Listen to the podcast as we discuss the natural hair movement, a mini education on why women are going natural, the opinions of Black men on natural hair and the struggles that many women are going through.

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