Jessicurl Wants You to Play the Name Game


Jessi, jessi, bo bessi,

Banana fana, fo fessi,

fee, fi, mo messi,


I am so proud to share with you some news I’ve kept mum since this beginning of this year. Jessicurl has been providing the curly haired crowd with awesome products for 11 years and is releasing a new strong-hold styler this October. With Jess being a super duper awesome person who I am proud to call friend I was selected to be a tester of this gel unofficially nicknamed *ahem* Yetti Juice — don’t ask. Jessicurl firm hold styler natural hair

You know I have my favorite gels and I am really happy with the results I get from this product. Is it better than my favs?  Honestly, no. But does it do a damn good job? Absolutely. This styler provides a stronger hold than previous Jessicurl products that moisturize well for me but are not optimum stylers for my hair needs.  This product keeps my curls poppin without creating a crunchy helmet that I get from most strong hold gels. I can get 2-3 day hair from one application. [See photo above for actual results]

Now the name game. While Jess has put all her neurons into creating this product she is left out on a limb with what to call it. That is where you come in.  Jessicurl is hosting a contest to name the new product, and the selected winner not only gain the admiration of curly girls all over the world, but they will also receive $500 in Jessicurl product. Umm yeah, that is a whole love of Deep Conditioning Treatment, my fav product from the line. Click this link for details how to enter.

For some added help here are a few deets about the product:

  • The product is white in color and sticky to touch sort of like glue.
  • It is more creamy than gel-like in texture.
  • The product is liquid and definitely belongs in a bottle, not a jar.
  • I would refer to this as a medium styler on the broad product spectrum, but the manufacturer considers it a firm styler as compared to other products in their line.

Submit your entries to Jessicurl and good luck!


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