Sheryl Underwood’s Cracks On Natural Hair Are Not Funny

sheryl underwood natural hairSheryl Underwood is a comedian.  She earns a living making quips about everyday occurrences in an effort to make people laugh.  Laughter and jokes are a proven tool to help disarm a difficult situation.  So when it is a joke not funny? When it is just lazy, mean-spirited or plays on disparaging cultural misappropriations.

On a recent re-airing of The Talk on CBS, a show on which Sheryl is a co-host, in response to a statement that Heidi Klum saves the shorn afro-textured locks of her  children Sheryl retorted:

Why would you save afro hair?  You can’t weave afro hair, you never see us at the hair place going ‘Look, here, what I need here is, I need those curly, nappy beads’, that just seems nasty.

Deep sigh. Where shall we start.

It is too easy and simplistic to state the Sheryl Underwood hates herself. Not every weave/wig wearer is ashamed of themselves. But from her own words we can summarize that she does not find natural hair desirable.   And that is okay, I don’t find her to be desirable either, but I find it extremely disheartening and irresponsible of her to denigrate wearers of natural hair on national television for the sake of a few chuckles.

Secondly, Sheryl you are just plain wrong. The same people you bought your silky wig from also sell curly/textured/afro hair too.  Our hair is not just for mocking and clown wigs. Check out Heat Free Hair as just one example. The weave/wig industry is a billion dollar business, you really think they are ignoring potential profit? Nope.

Lastly, I just expect more from Sheryl; as a Black woman and as a human being.  Throughout history Black women have been mocked for our physical appearance and to have another Black woman do the same thing is just hurtful.  Afterall we are the same women who have supported your career through stand-up, movies, etc.  My money is green and it spends, I am happy not to do so in your direction any longer.

I am not alone in my disgust. Check out this article by Tracy Clayton for The Root or the comments to this post on Black Girl Long Hair. What are your thoughts? Chime In.


11 thoughts on “Sheryl Underwood’s Cracks On Natural Hair Are Not Funny

  1. So yeah…I wasn’t even going to blog about this at first. I’m tired of all these celebs and their derogatory nappy hair comments. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore. I don’t know much about Sheryl but after these comments I don’t care to learn any more.

  2. She can take several seats. I get that she’s a comedian and makes jokes about herself but, I think she’s insecure in her own skin. She probably has a head full of beautiful hair but since society sees our hair as nappy she is following the trend. So sad for her…

  3. Nappy? I hate the word nappy and I can never understand by African American women continue to use a derogatory word created by their slave masters to describe their hair today. As far as Sheryl goes she is a comedian and I take her comments as she intended it to be as a JOKE. I think people are looking for ways to be offended. We can’t always like what others say and they are entitled to their opinion. As a mother of 6 natural girls I tell them not everyone is going to think your natural hair is cute; you shouldn’t care. The choice was/is yours to make.

  4. She was offensive…disgusting…out of order, etc… To disparage our natural beauty on national television is an outrage…Even more so with the other hosts chiming in with a laugh. I sincerely hope the network shuts her down.

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