Product Review: mainelement: love herbal shampoo bar

mainelement love herbal shampoo barmainelement: love

Herbal Shampoo Bar

4 oz for $8.00

From their website: This low sudsing shampoo gently removes product buildup while replenishing tresses with hair loving botanical oils. Leaves hair and scalp feeling cleansed, yet not dry or stripped. Harnesses the power of rosemary and lavender essential oils to strengthen hair, prevent dry scalp, stimulate hair follicles and prevent excessive shedding. The essential oils provide a very light, neutral scent that enhance the scents of any other products used after shampooing.

I was sent this product to review by the company and to record a how to video on how to use shampoo bars.  A shampoo bar is simply a soap bar that is formulated to cleanse hair and scalp.  Some bars can also be used on the face and body.  I actually prefer shampoo bars to regular shampoo because it is easier to apply directly to the scalp and you can control the area to be cleansed.

5 Things I Like About This Product

  1. The 4 ounce size is perfect to fit in the palm of your hand and easily control.
  2. The petal shaped bar is excellent for massaging the scalp as you clean
  3. Very lightly scented which is a plus for me.
  4. Cleanses well normally with only one wash.
  5. Very soothing for itchy scalp.

I have used other shampoo bars and this one rates very well when compared to the competition.  My favorite feature is the size and shape of the shampoo bar that makes it very easy to hold in the palm of my hand. The petal shape not only helps prevent slipping but I love the massaging feel from rubbing the nodes into my scalp.  This bar creates a massive amount of foam ensuring that both your hair and scalp are well cleansed. It also really helps relieve my itchy scalp symptoms I get from sweating while working out.

Check out my video on how to use this shampoo bar to cleanse your scalp:


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