In God’s Image: Pastor Bans Weaves In Church

The natural hair movement has been in a full stride and women everywhere are deciding to embrace their natural texture.  Many of these women cite God as their motivation with examples of wanting to present themselves in the image he created them.

This has also prompted a sort of natural hair hierarchy between naturals who wear their natural texture, those that choose to use heat to straighten their texture and those who keep their hair under weaves and wigs. Natural Hair Weave

But this recent article truly represents this dark side of a movement in my opinion. Pastor A.J. Aamir of Resurrecting Faith in Waco, TX has instructed his leadership staff not to wear weaves in church because he feels “they present a false image and are associated with women who have low self-esteem”.  He also cites that women are walking around with expensive weaves, yet struggling financially.

*insert deep sigh*

Let me first say this. A grown adult women has a right to control her body, her looks, her finances, her household according to her own conscience.  For someone to insinuate that I love myself or my Savoir more now that I am natural then I did five years ago when I was relaxed is ridiculous.  A hairstyle does not make someone a better or worse Christian.

Secondly, let’s talk about the levels of misogyny present.  This leader called out women and their spending practices. I am sure there are many women in his congregation who are struggling and have expensive weaves.  But what about the men with their equally as expensive Jordan shoe collections? And what about women suffering from hair loss, are they not allowed to wear wigs to make them feel more comfortable?  And what about the brothers around town with their Steve Harvey-esque toupees, is that outlawed too?  Banning weaves doesn’t make someone more financially responsible, finance classes do.

Next he stated that women should be more concerned with “what is in their heads and not what is on them” you know because wearing a weave negates whatever good sense the Lord gave you along with any additional knowledge you acquired.  Weaves are similar to wearing tin foil hat in the 50’s so the aliens couldn’t take over your mind [satire].  This type of behavior only feeds into stereotypes that the way you look determines who you are. Considering the source, I would think a pastor would know better.

Wearing tight clothes does not make you a slut. Taking birth control does not make your a whore. Wearing a weave does not mean you are less genuine, have low self-esteem, have poor money management skills. Being natural does not make you smarter, more responsible or a better Christian. These are just stereotypes and playing into them further adds to the divisiveness that has plagued our community for centuries [like paper bag test] and avoids the actual issues.  I understand that a pastor’s job is to lead his flock I would hope this one would focus more on their hearts and less on their hair.


4 thoughts on “In God’s Image: Pastor Bans Weaves In Church

  1. I totally agree with you saying about people with hair loss. Some people do not want to walk around bald, and honestly, if some does experience hair loss, it would be better for them to come into God’s house and look appropriate, and i think that wigs, weaves, and extensions, can help people look their best as well as with their own hair.

  2. I am definitely sure that my daily walk with my saviour has nothing to do with the hair styling choices that I make. This is simple and utter foolishness. It sounds to me like he is taking his own personal experience (or the experience of someone who may have confided in him) and twisted it to “weave” into his quack doctrine that he can in no way back up with scripture. This joker is a prime example of why many of us are searching for new fellowship families. Please keep your personal politics and hair styling preferences out of the pulpit. If this is your true calling, you are to be a pastor to your flock not a personal stylist. We come to a house of worship to hear the word and be uplifted and supported, fellowship and come away with a renewal to help us on our continued journey until we have a chance to do it again……Not torn down for our hair styling choices. It’s our money…Our resources…And I have news for your buster, most of us do not choose hair styling options because we have low self esteem…It’s exactly the opposite…It’s because we simply want a change; we want to feel sassy or sexy; we don’t currently have the time to deal with everyday styling; health issues / medications / stress have resulted in hair loss, etc… As black women, natural or otherwise, we have enough to contend with in public and the workplace in dealing with the numerous idiots who do not understand the versatile hair styling choices that we have available to us without having to deal with this foolishness in our place of worship. This is our hair and it is our God given right to style it as we choose without hearing any crap from our pastor. The sisters as well as the brothers in this congregation need to take a stand and force him to step down…Or maybe let him go a few weeks without financial contributions. Maybe he can preach his brand of foolishness outside of natural hair expos and meetups…He would definitely have an audience…and eventually receive the can of whoop @#$ he so richly deserves.

  3. Pure tee foolishness. I thought it said in the Bible to come as you are. Next he’ll be telling them not to wear Red shoes on 1st Sunday cause the Red signafies the Devil. Man take several seats and goodbye.

  4. Well, I don’t judge others. But I did like this post though. From my own personal experience, I wasn’t allowed to wear weave, extensions, dye my hair or anything. (no piercings (not even ears) or tattoos or pants either actually) (no excessively fancy clothes). My father is a pentecostal pastor who is completely old school. Although that is how I carry myself, I believe everyone is entitled to interpreting the bible as they choose, including how they should present themselves to God.

    This pastor on the other hand, is on some other stuff. He should butt out of people’s finances. I would have only agreed with his comments if they were based on scripture regarding women and adorning themselves.

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