7 Reasons You Should Attend An INHMD Event

Okay peeps we have SEVEN MORE DAYS until International Natural Hair Meetup Day May 18, 2013. I am stressed, nervous and excited at the same darn time.  This event is back for its second year and I am going to say that it will be even better than last year. Last year there were events in more than 50 cities across the country, but this year it has truly gone INTERnational; how awesome!  Plus with title sponsor Naturals Girls Rock it is sure to be an awesome time! IHMD1(print)

I am again hosting the local event here in Louisville, KY I will post details for my event at the end of this post, but you can find an event near you by going to the INHMD website.  Because you know I like lists I am going to give you a list of reasons you should attend an INHMD event.

7 Reasons You Should Attend An INHMD Event

  1. Swag Bags.  I mean what is an event without swag bags? I don’t know and I don’t want to find out.  This year INHMD is sponsored by the following companies Curls Unleashed, Curl Max, Eden BodyWorks, Koils by Nature along with several others. 
  2. Vendors.  Many events will have both national and local vendors selling their wares from hair products, makeup, clothing, perfume, jewelry all available in one place.
  3. Ask the Experts. Got a hair problem you just can’t figure out or a look you want to achieve? Well you’re in luck as top stylist  and bloggers will be in attendance and able to lend some advice.
  4. Connect.  I absolutely love my curlfriends! If you don’t have any, well this is the event to find some.  Networking with others who are going on a similar journey is incredibly beneficial for all parties.
  5. Coupon codes.  Who doesn’t love a good sale? I know I do. There are many sponsors who cannot donate product but they can offer a discount code to save money on your purchase.  Some of these sponsors include mainelement: love, ReVe Essentials and SoapyLuv.
  6. Giveaways. So what is better than free sample sized products? Free full sized products of course!  I mean honestly who doesn’t like free stuff? If you don’t please feel free to pass on your stuff to me :)  This year one of the giveaway sponsors is Curl Collection.
  7. Hair pr0n.  What is hair pr0n? Well pr0n is really the word pronounced pour-n but intentionally misspelled to avoid bots and attract unwelcome attention.  But basically it is just awesome hair.  This is your opportunity to gaze and gawk at awesome hair styles and take pictures without feeling like a creep. DCN-INHMD

If you are in Louisville or the surrounding area I would LOVE for you to come to my meetup, purchase tickets here.

7 Reasons Why You Should Come Party With DCN:

  • Each swag bag from DCN hosts INHMD will include 1 full-sized product from a top brand valued at $9.99+ and samples from many natural hair and beauty companies including Dax Roots of Nature
  • Bake Shop Butters owner NurekaD will be vending.  If you have not checked out her products you are in for a real treat!
  • Live beauty demo done by Luminta who will teach us all about brows and lashes.
  • YouTuber MonicaJoi of KnapsGirl.com will show how to do african threading.
  • Tracie Wilkes, the baddest aesthetician around will be giving free consultations and mini facials as well as vending Soul Purpose Products.
  • Go Natural Salon & Boutique will be selling natural hair products from your favorite brands including Uncle Funky’s Daughter, Qhemet Biologics, Jessicurl and others.
  • There will be several stylists on hand from area natural hair salons to provide many consultations, show examples of their work and set you up to book an appoint.




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