Big Hair Don’t Care

So while in Atlanta I had the wonderful idea to blow my hair out because I wanted to rock some BIG HAIR for a day.  Luckily for me my awesome curlfriends were here for me.  Landa of CurlyAndLovely provided the products and the tools.  Jalisa of No Fro Smushing Allowed lent a hand and actually did my blow-out.  We started this project well after midnight because last minute hairstyles are just how I roll. naked natural hair before blow out

First up I washed my hair with Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi shampoo and detangled my hair with deep conditioner from the same line.  I really like these products they worked fantastic, check out my review here.

I plaited my hair into 6-8 sections while detangling.  I allowed my hair to partially air dry in each plait while laughing and listening to music.  Next, we took down each plait one at a time.  I applied 1-2 pumps of Clio Therma-Shield Hair Serum which protects up to 480 degrees. Yes, sir I am not trying to fry my hair. Then Ja lovingly blowdried on low heat at medium speed. blow out after

Then I braided my hair back up into 12- 15 braids using a fingertip full of Donna Marie Super  Buttercreme on each section. My hair was so darn soft I just kept petting myself.  I threw a silk scarf on my head then went to sleep finally.

In the morning, I took down each braid and fluffed and shook and fluffed and shook and my hair began to grow.  I used a pick to help it along to make sure my hair got the volume
I desired.  The results were big, fluffy, soft hair that definitely turned heads. natural hair blow out 1

My hair continued to get bigger throughout the day which was alright with me.  I have learned to love my big hair even though I have a big head.  At the end of the day I twisted my hair up into two-strand twists for the plane ride home, I did not want to cause a security alert at the airport.  I will definitely rock my big hair again soon.

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