Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Today is the day we celebrate the Earth, home to 1 billion + people.  So not only are there a lot of great deals on natural hair products today, but you can also take this opportunity to change some of your natural hair habits to help improve this rock we call home. Earth-Day-Dana-Gray

5 Ways to Help Save the Earth

  1. Recycle.  Most naturals have plenty of hair products that come in various bottles and jars.  Once you have used up all the contents be sure to recycle the container.
  2. Conserve.  On wash day instead of letting the water run while you are scrubbing away at your scalp, turn the water off.
  3. Reuse.  I make my own spritz to moisturize and refresh my hair but I have not bought a spritz bottle in years.  I reuse other bottles by washing them in the dishwasher then re-filling with my own mix.
  4. Just Say No. There are many common ingredients used in natural hair products that in cultivating and processing are terrible on the Earth.  One of these ingredients is palm oil which leads to deforestation and endangers the orangutan population.  One easy way to help is to simply not purchase products with this ingredient.
  5. Reduce.  I know the allure of a new product or sale tends to make my natural hair spidey sense tingle. However when you hoard more products than you can use it really just leads to waste which is never a good thing.  Focus on using up your existing stash and keeping it at a manageable level. Attend product swaps or check out Lola’s Green Hair to get rid of your excess.

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