Natural Skin Care Products via Natural Review Box

If you have followed me for awhile you know that I love not only natural hair products but natural skin care products too.  One of my favorite subscription services is Natural Review Sample Box because it comes with so many great natural products for hair, body, skin care, and home.  I was not familiar with either of these brands prior to receiving them in the box, but I used them both and decided to do a mini review on my experience.

blum naurals cleansing towelettesBlum Naturals 

Daily Cleansing & Makeup Remover Towelettes

$6.99 for pack of 30 wipes

Available at Whole Foods, Earth Fare, and others

ing: Aqua (Water), Decyl Glucoside**, Organic Chamomile Extract*, Organic Aloe Vera Extract*, Lavender Oil*, Vanilla Oil*, Patchouli Oil*, Gluconolactone***, Sodium Benzoate***, Glycerin*.

So I love these disposable makeup remover towelettes.  I keep them near my bed so when I drag myself in after a long night I can just grab a wipe and remove any makeup, sweat, food or whatever from my face when I am too lazy to go wash it *don’t judge me*.  The awesome thing about these towelettes is that the actually do remove makeup including my eyeshadow + primer which regular soap and water or baby wipes cannot. I received the chamomile towelettes which smell lightly scented like chamomile tea.  These wipes are gentle on my skin, do no cause dryness or leave a film after use.  I will definitely repurchase.

kiki bella mud  maskKiki Bella

Beauty Mud

available on Etsy 

ing: made with natural clay from the Great Salt Lake mixed with purified water.

I use mud mask once per week as part of my skin care regimen. Mud masks help to remove dirt, oil and impurities from my skin, reduce blemishes and to firm the skin as well.  I only received a small heat seal pack of mud mask but it was enough for 3 applications.  To use I first wash my face with mild cleanser, exfoliate with a facial scrub, then apply the mud mask.  This mask is very simple it smells like mud, there are no frills to it but it works well.  The product claims that the salt found in the mud from the great salt lake is supposed to be superior for your skin. I cannot say that this mud was worked any better than others I have used, but it was not any worse so I cannot speak to those claims.

I was pleased with both products I received and I had great results incorporating them into my skin care regimen.  For more info on Natural Review Box check out my video below from my April reveal video.  If you have tried any new skin care products leave a comment below and let me know about them. 


3 thoughts on “Natural Skin Care Products via Natural Review Box

  1. I am a natural ghair products girl. I have dreadlocks and I love them. Kiki Bella is a great product I have used it before. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and superb
    design and style.

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