Product Review: Amazing Botanicals Hibiscus Gel

amazing botanicals hibiscus gelAmazing Botanicals

Hibiscus Hair Gel

16 oz for $20.00

ing: distilled water, aloe gel, flaxseed, hibiscus tea infusion, optiphen, black castor oil, safflower oil, glycerin, xantham gum

The great people at Amazing Botanicals contacted me about wanting to do a giveaway back in December which went great.  They were also kind enough to send me products to check them out for myself.  At the time I was on a use-up-the-stash product purge trying to  finish all my partially used products.  I have a LOT of products and it has seriously taken me this long to get to the new stuff. I know, just shake your head and keep reading.

I have now been natural for five years and I have tried my fair share of hair gels and definers and I have my obvious favorites. However, it is still fun to try out other gels based on ingredients to find other options that may be cheaper, available on the ground, or provide better results.

Amazing Botanicals Hibiscus Gel is a mucilage based, soft hold hair gel.  Mucilage meaning the ingredients are basically “snotty” as the main ingredients are aloe and flaxseed gel.  My hair loves mucilage gels they are great for curl defining and are moisturizing. The gel has a medium viscosity and is very easy to apply. The smell has a light tea scent.

5 Things I Love About This Product

  1. Soft holding, my hair was not crunchy or dry feeling.
  2. Smells delightful, light tea scent.
  3. Great ingredients.
  4. Nice price, at $20 for 16 ounces that comes down to $1.25 per ounce which is a great price.
  5. Non-sticky feeling easy to apply. The product also rinses clean from the hair no need  to clarify or use a strong shampoo to cleanse after application.

I applied this product in the same manner I apply my other gels. I applied kinky curly knot today to soaking wet hair then smoothed the gel on top.  It took approximately 5 hours for my hair to air dry which is pretty normal for me.  The gel performed similarly as other soft hair gels for me.  The downside for me is that I can only get 2-day hair using this gel. To refresh my hair in the morning I lightly spritz with water. On day 3 I could have pulled my hair into a puff, but that was as much use as I could get.  I would purchase the gel again if it was on sale it is a nice gel to have on hand for a quick wash n go.  It will not replace my favorite wash n go gels however.

Check out my YT review below 


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