Eden BodyWorks New Coconut Shea Products + Sale

Okay the very LAST thing I need is more hair products, lets just be real. I have more than I can ever need or use on my hair.  I have put myself on an unofficial no-buy and have been on a use-up-the-stash cleanse to get rid of older products.

Then Eden BodyWorks comes out with this new Coconut Shea product line and it has my credit card finger itching.  I still have products from this line including a deep conditioner, shampoo and conditioner that I have NOT used, yet I want to buy MORE!!! *smh*

eden bodyworks coconut shea But far be it for me to deny you all of a good sale. Enjoy 50% off Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea products with code CS50 thru 4/3/13.  This line includes the following products: cowash, leave in conditioner, a curl defining cream and a pudding souffle.


6 thoughts on “Eden BodyWorks New Coconut Shea Products + Sale

  1. Thanks for sharing. I put 2 items in my cart. The shipping said $27!!!!!. I will wait until they are at my local Walmart.

  2. Wow yall shipping is high that you ladies are reporting because they offer to types of shipping to choose from. The highest for me since I’m in Ga the United States Postal Service in the Priority Mail was $6.85 and the UPS Ground was $13.86. But I did see one of the products in Walmart the other day, but I didn’t buy it.

    • I live in CT. I don’t know where they are shipping from but OMG. I want to try the cowash and the pudding /styler.

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