Fro Fashion Week

It is no exaggeration when I say that Fro Fashion Week is bar none my favorite natural hair event period.  It is the perfect mix of grand scale hair show but still has a small meetup feel.  How is that possible? Well in short because Tarin Boone, the show’s creator, is nothing short of amazing.

Tarin Boone Mattie James

I attended Fro Fashion Week for the first time in Fall of 2012.  I have wanted to attend the event for some time but it never seemed to quite fit into my schedule. But then there was a discount code and I was able to snatch up a ticket on the low so I made plans to be in attendance.  I am so glad that I did.

5 Reasons You Need To Go To Fro Fashion Week

  1. This is the best organized event I have ever attended. Not just hair event but professional and educational events as well.  Tarin is supported by close friends, family and volunteers who truly love and support her vision and it shows.  There was always someone around to provide assistance and make you feel welcome.
  2. Variety of workshops of varying interest.  I rarely attend workshops when I go to hair events because they either do not have topic that interests me or it is something that has been over done. That was not the case.  My favorite workshop I attended was a DIY Makeup workshop taught by Santyonne of Pura Body Naturals. Not only did I learn a lot we also got to take with us some great makeup swag.
  3. Exclusive meet and greet time with top product manufacturers.  There were several sponsored product suites where you could meet with the manufacturer like Curls Unleashed and really talk to them about their products and your hair needs.  They also had licensed stylists on hand to style your hair for you.
  4. The After-Party.  So I’ve heard a lot about these parties but could not believe how much fun we had.  Natural girls really know how to cut loose and have a good time.  We most certainly tore up the dance floor AND there were great giveaways too.
  5. The Blogger Brunch. This is my favorite event of the weekend.  Tarin is a natural hair blogger and for her to make it a point to create a special event just for bloggers is awesome and amazing.  All bloggers are invited from those with 5 or 5,000 followers, no discrimination.  I truly enjoyed the private time we had to discuss how to improve our craft and to discuss with each other our challenges and successes.

Fro Fashion Week Spring 2013 is this weekend March 2nd and 3rd (but there are events occurring all week long).  If you can make it out even for a day I promise you it will be worth it.  I will be making the drive solo to attend on Saturday and then heading back Sunday so pray for some traveling grace. For ticket info go here.


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