Scissor Happy: Would You BC Your Hair Again?

Me & Brittany

My girl Brittany has such gorgeous hair. She was just born that way. Brittany can use pretty much any product on her hair and get amazing results.  She is also no stranger to color and will grab a box of color from the local store and change from red to blonde to brown without batting an eyelash. She doesn’t worry too much about the rules of being natural like avoiding certain ingredients, or heat styling or performing maintenance on a schedule.  She is sort of the unorthodox natural.

So it was no surprise to me when Brittany went from thisBrittany

To this!  She sent me a text saying, “You will never guess what I did” followed by a picture of her shorn locks. In true Brittany fashion she did it herself with a pair of shears in her bathroom.  I asked her what made her decide to cut and she simply stated that she was ready for a change. I absolutely love Brittany she is beautiful curly or straight, honey or chestnut, long or short.brittany big chop

Have you considered doing a second big chop on your hair? I have thought about it many, many times and I am constantly breaking out my faithful shears to make adjustments as I see fit.  My Cuzzo Ro chopped her hair last year because she wanted a change and I was so jealous of her fiece cut.  I am approaching my 5 year anniversary Spring 2013, who knows maybe I will follow Brittany’s lead.


16 thoughts on “Scissor Happy: Would You BC Your Hair Again?

  1. I enjoy seeing other TWA’s, absolutely beautiful but for me NO MAM! I am 2 years natural and I am just now getting my hair to a length wear I can enjoy alot more different styles but I guess I might get bored by 5 years who knows but I doubt it, seriously!

  2. I always keep my hair somewhat short to medium as it’s easy for me to maintain. I never wanted hair all over my head, etc.Love it shaped up!!

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