Elongated Twists On Dry Hair

Two-Strand Twists have to be one of the most popular natural hair styles.  A popular complaint that comes from many naturals (me included) is shrinkage.  One way to combat shrinkage is to twist on dry stretched hair which will result in an elongated twisted style.

There are many ways to stretch your hair.  You can use the banding method, pic it out, plaits, blowdry, etc. For this look I actually started with a picked out big afro which I wore for Fros on the 4th.  

Next I carefully selected a moisturizer to twist my hair.  I needed something that would lightly moisturize and soften the hair without providing too much moisture that would make the hair shrink back up.  The two moisturizers that worked for me were Donna Marie Super Buttercreme $13 / 8 oz and Mozeke Babassu Twisting Cream $12 / 8 oz. I also tried Mozeke Whipped Avocade Cream but found this to be too moisturizing resulting in shrunken twists which was not the look I was going for.

Using just my fingers I parted off sections of hair, applied one of the creams, gently detangled using my tangle teezer, then twisted.  Look at the picture above you can see the effects of shrinkage on curly hair; my twisted length is more than twice as long as my stretched hair. *shakes angry fist @ shrinkage* 

If you are looking to showcase more of your true length while protective styling you should give this method a try.  Check out my video below for a complete rundown of my styling process. 


11 thoughts on “Elongated Twists On Dry Hair

  1. Your hair looks so pretty…I usually twist my hair after my wash/condish. To elongate my twists I put them in 5 sections (each section twisted into 1big twist) then pin them across my head.

  2. Great suggestions!!! I will try this method because I use wash/condish then twist on a wet head and of course I have tons of shrinkage. I have seen that method on Natural85 video that Tanya is talking about I may try that too. Thanks for the post.

  3. Love it! I have 3c, 3b hair and I find that smaller twists look way different than on kinkier hair. What about flyaways? Do you find that the moisturizer keeps them at bay?

      • I hear you on that, but gels and mousse thin out my hair and cause more breakage. Ever since I switched to organic and all natural hair products my hair has grown immensely. I know that most people say to use it in moderation but I was a long time user of gel up until a few years ago when I started using organic products. I don’t I’m ever think I’m going back. I’ll stick with my flyaways. lol

  4. Girl, I hate shrinkage! Before I decided to loc my hair, it was one of my biggest sources of frustration. I never tried banding, always felt like I had too much hair for that. And I haven’t put a pick in my hair for years. The last time I tried that I broke the pic! Your twists look fab, btw. Nice and juicy!

  5. First of all…give me those earrings.

    Second…I’m glad you’re able to use the Tangel Teaser. That thing looks like a torure device lol

    Third…I’ll have to recommend those products to my mom. She’e natural also and looking for something to replace her (expensive) Miss Jessie’s.


  6. First…give me those earrings.

    Second…I’m glad you’re able to use the Tangle Teezer. That thing looks like a torture device lol

    Third…I’ll have to recommend these products to Moms. She’s looking for something to replace her (expensive) Miss Jessie’s.


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