Natural Hair Style: Flat Twist Updo with Scallop Bang

Flat Twist Updos are now my FAVORITE style!  They are incredibly low maintenance making them a cinch to keep up with and they can easily last you at least  two weeks.  I would love to take credit for this style, but all the props go to my stylist Dakota of Natural Alternatives Salon — actually Koko and I have an agreement that I can take credit for his work whenever I feel the need to brag, however this time I will not.  I actually kept this style in for a little over 2 weeks and enjoyed the fact that I did not have to do anything to my hair and it still looked great! 

To achieve this look my hair was cleansed and conditioned with PhytoSpecific, then detangled.  Next Dakota sectioned of 1/4 of my hair in the front-right side and clipped away.  The remaining hair was flat twisted upward.  He then took the flat twist and made a sort of basket weave pattern and pinned them into place.  The last section was two-strand twisted and then pinned to look scalloped.  It took him a little over an hour to complete this style not including dryer time.  My hair was twisted using Phyto PRODUCT NAME HERE which is a thick white paste, he only needed a fingertip-full per twist.

For a complete review check out my YouTube video 


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