4-Way Conditioner Challenge

A couple weeks ago while hanging with my curlfriend Monica, we decided to play in hair products.  So I cleansed my hair and then was faced with the ultimate decision: what conditioner should I use?  I narrowed the selection down to four possibilities and then thought, “Why not use all four?”  I divided my hair into four sections and applied one conditioner to each section to compare and contrast how they worked on my hair. 

The Challengers

  1. Original Moxie Intense Quench 8 oz, $18 originalmoxie.com
  2. Sof N Free Nothing But Intense Healing Mask 16 oz, $10 (any drug store)
  3. III Sisters of Nature Sweet Honeyrose (aka Sweet Bounce Back) 8 oz, $13 http://amzn.to/PQi8Ft
  4. Original Moxie Everyday Leave-In 8 oz, $17 originalmoxie.com

The Results

  • Smell: OMIQ soft herbal and floral, SnFNBIHM mint-lemon tea, 3SoNSH now and later candy, OMEL herbaly. Winner: Original Moxie Intense Quench
  • Consistency: OMIQ creamy, SnFNBIHM cream-lotion, 3SoNSH cream, OMEL lotion. Winner: *TIE* 3 Sisters of Nature Sweet Honeyrose & Original Moxie Intense Quench
  • Detangling: OMIQ good slip/easy to detangle, SnFNBIHM little slip/difficult to detangle, 3SoNSH good slip/easy to detangle, OMEL moderate slip/ little work to detangle. Winner: *TIE* 3 Sisters of Nature Sweet Honeyrose & Original Moxie Intense Quench
  • Softness: All products left my hair feeling soft, there was really no difference between the sections.
  • Ingredients: OMIQ all natural ingredients, SnFNBIHM lots of silicones but worked fine , 3SoNSH natural ingedients but does contain a silicone, OMEL all natural ingredients. Winner: *TIE* Original Moxie Intense Quench & Original Moxie Everyday Leave-In
  • Price: OMIQ $2.25/ounce, SnFNBIHM $0.62/ounce, 3SoNSH cream $1.62/ounce, OMEL $2.12/ounce. Winner: Sof N Free Nothing But Intense Healing Mask

The Verdict

All things being equal the Original Moxie Intense Quench was the overall favorite.  However, price of a product is weighted more in my opinion and the OMIQ is just too rich for my blood. Therefor the second place contender is more appealing to me which is 3 Sisters of Nature Sweet Honeyrose.  The Sof N Free Nothing But Intense Healing Mask if it had more natural ingredients (less or no cones), a sweeter smell, but most importantly better slip for detangling could be the winner because of the price point and the fact that it is available locally.

Check out my video review 


9 thoughts on “4-Way Conditioner Challenge

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  2. That nothing but intense healing mask looks good. I saw fellow youtuber mislovely26 use that on her long hair, she’s one of my hair favorites under naptural85 and longhairdontcare2011/haircrush. Next time I’m at Sally’s will definitely get some that product I don’t always stick to those natural items that have to be in them. My hair is universal to all products, and will show her butt out if it’s not to liking learned that the hard way using Suave Shea Almonds Conditioner, left my hair hard and dry like straw.

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