My Connections Through the Natural Hair Community

We lost one of our sisters, Blondell Chadwick aka YTer Kylahsmom1 has been called home.  While I have never met her in real life we have exchanged fb, youtube, and email correspondence about our love of natural hair, what products we’re using and PJism.

I have started this post many times and continue to break out in tears. I do not handle death or loss well. I don’t like to deal with it. I don’t like to talk about it. But the one thing I can do is write.  However I couldn’t find the right words to say.  I spoke with one of my curlfriends Tanya, who told me to instead of writing about Blondell, to write about the connections I have made in the natural hair community and how deciding to go natural has forged friendships with women all over the world.

This is my personal story. Two years ago my husband and I separated and my entire world was turned up-side-down. I was an emotional mess and had no idea which way was up. But only a few months prior to separation I started Derby City Naturals.  Having a blog gave me something to do and allowed me to feel like I was succeeding at something despite going through what I viewed as my greatest failure. It was during that season that I met some of my greatest friends, women who only knew me through natural hair, but they became my shoulders to cry on and daily doses of encouragement.

Since then I have met so many wonderful people.  It started with natural hair, but it became so much more.  Bloggers are real people.  We do not do this for fame or money (what money?), we do this because we have a passion.  I love that I am able to provide someone with assistance in going natural and helping them with their hair issues.  It makes me happy every time I see a subbie who says “Hey thank you for that post you did on X it really helped me” or “I finally learned how to flat-twist my hair”.  I don’t remember everyone by name, but I do remember their hair, lol :)

So in this natural hair community we laugh together at our silly hair mishaps. We rejoice together when we finally find the right product to make our curls pop.  We celebrate marriages and babies being born.  And we mourn the loss of our curlfriends when they have been called home.  Please say a prayer for Blondell’s children as they have to cope with losing their mother, a pain I cannot imagine.  Wrapping my arms around the community and sending all my love to her family, she was a fantastic lady.


18 thoughts on “My Connections Through the Natural Hair Community

  1. Needless to say, I have sat through and witnessed some of the greatest Words of Comfort delivered by some of phenomenal ministers at numerous homegoing celebrations. I would indeed rank the Words/message that you have shared right up there with them. Thank you for speaking from your spirit and heart.

  2. Wonderful words and remembrance of Blondell aka Kylahsmom1. We both shared a love for hair products and labeled Product Junkies but she was the QUEEN honey! She was a wonderful spirit who warmth emanated through the computer screen. She will be missed.

  3. This was a very moving piece to read. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy your blog and sincere reviews and posts that I read. Keep up the great work! I will continue to keep Blondell’s family in my prayers.

  4. Like so many of us FB is a way to share and be heard. Thank you so much for your words. I will keep Blondell’s family in my prayers.

  5. Beautiful words…My prayers of comfort and strength go out to the family and friends of Blondell Chadwick. May she rest in eternal peace.

  6. Prayers going up…sometimes silence and a hug are the best words….It’s hard losing your mom…I’ve went through it 15 years ago. And my best words received were those unsaid…just a tight embrace and letting me know that they were there for me worked wonders….

  7. Enjoyed the post, I enjoy your blog and also watched youtube videos by Blondell. Your blog and others, along with countless youtube videos have been my source of inspiration and knowledge on this natural hair journey. Keep you the good work!!!!

  8. I too will miss Blondell, didn’t know her intimately but it doesn’t matter because she was so genuine, kind, and always supportive. Sending prayers to all who have been affected by this great lost.

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