My Badass Afro Moment

So I went to the movies and had a stand-off against a badass ill-behaved kid in the theatre.    Luckily instead of assaulting the youngster I let my fro handle my light work.

Watch the video for the entire story.

Badass Afro: 1

Badass Kid: 0

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6 thoughts on “My Badass Afro Moment

  1. If I understand what you said in your video, you are happy that your hair blocked a bad kid from seeing the screen. So if the kid behind you was not acting out but still could not see, would your moment have been so badass? Would you have moved, gotten him a booster seat or patted your fro down? I love fros — the bigger, the better and I don’t like to be around bad kids, especially in movie theaters. I just don’t see the connection of your joy about the size of your fro and teaching a lesson to a bad kid. Are you saying that your Afro is a fruit of Karma?

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