Product Review: B.A.S.K. Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Treat


Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Hair Treat

8 oz, $20

available online at

ing:  Distilled Water, Prime Pressed Cocoa Butter, Virgin Coconut Cream, Kukui Moluccana Seed Oil, Agave Nectar, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Raw Cocoa Powder,Amalaki Fruit Powder, Cetyl Alcohol, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglycerin.

I purchased this product on Black Friday 2011 and have used it 3-4 times.  Why am I just now reviewing it? Well first of all my life is hectic and I am not exactly timely with my postings.  Secondly, my curlfriend Tanya called me with a hair emergency stating her hair was dry and matted and she needed a heavy hitting deep conditioner.  So what did I do? What every good curlfriend would, I gave her the best DC in my arsenal!  Unfortunately that jar is now empty, so I felt it was about time I did a review.

B.A.S.K. Cacao Bark (pronounced kuh-cow) is truly everything to me. So what is so special about this DC? Well for starters it looks and smells like chocolate mousse.  It is incredibly thick and creamy and really coats your hair in goodness when you put it on.  And while you will be tempted to put it on by the palm-full, that was not necessary for my medium porosity strands.  I used two fingertips-full of product per each quadrant of my hair.  On top of the aromatic goodness of hot chocolate, my hair always feels so soft after using it.  I have used it as just 20 minute DC, an overnight DC and a conditioner-only wash-n-go and every time I have loved the results.  Yep it is that good!

5 Things I Love About This Product

  1. It looks, smells and feels just divine.  You will me tempted to eat it.  I sure if you did you wouldn’t die or anything but I wouldn’t recommend it.
  2. Great value.  For my entire head I maybe use about an ounce per application.  Which means mathematically each application costs me about $2.50.
  3. No matter how I have abused my hair, this product always brings it back to a happy place.  It feels soft and fluffy after every use.
  4. Concentrated with quality ingredients that my hair loves!  Not too buttery, not too runny, not too thick, it is formulated just right.
  5. Great customer service.  My package was mis-delivered by my shoddy USPS worker and was never recovered.  I wrote the company to see what they can do and she shipped my out another package at no charge via priority mail!

BASK Beauty products are really like special treats for your hair.  These are products I use  when I really want to spoil myself.  The price is a little high, however they are made with great quality ingredients and are worth every penny!  I have purchased 5 products so far and I have only been disappointed with one which was just that I didn’t like the scent but it worked just fine.  I must also say that the company has excellent customer service. She is very responsive to her customer’s needs and is truly a sweetheart. 


5 thoughts on “Product Review: B.A.S.K. Cacao Bark Deep Conditioning Treat

    • For me I always wait for things to go on sale. It is incredibly rare for me to pay full price for something, that is just who I am. However I would pay full price for BASK because you are getting quality ingredients and they are very concentrated so I don’t have to use a lot to get the job done. She had a sale for Black Friday and they were on sale at the World Natural Hair Show which is where I picked mine up. If you are skeptical on price I would advise you wait until Black Friday or another sale to purchase.

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