Yo Jo-Jo And A Bottle of Oil: All About Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba oil must be bottled from sebum of our Heavenly Father.  Yep, it is that darn good.  This little miracle in a bottle has a lot of great uses for both hair and body.

Desert Essence

100% Pure Jojoba Oil

4 oz, $6.90

Available at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitacost

First, please never pronounce it with the hard “J” sound Jo-Jo-Ba or you will look like an idiot.  It is pronounced with an “H” sound like other Spanish terms Ho-Ho-Ba.  Second, it is not an oil at all, it’s actually a wax that is liquid at room temperature.  Thirdly, while I may have mislead you to believe that it is the sebum of Jesus Christ, it is actually cultivated from the seeds of the jojoba bush.  Lastly, it has long stable shelf life similar to that of other popular oils like coconut and castor seed.

So why is jojoba oil so awesome? Well let’s just say God must of spent a little more time with this oil.  Jojoba oil is touted to be the oil that most closely matches the natural sebum of our skin and I would have to agree.  Jojoba oil is my little secret for my favorite beauty treatments.  I dab a few drops on a cotton ball and apply to my face after cleansing and toning.  It is also awesome for softening the cuticles of your nail beds.

5 Great Ways to Use Jojoba Oil:

  1. In a facial treatment > Tropical Island Facial Mask
  2. Infused scalp oil > DIY Rosemary + Sage Scalp Oil
  3. Conditioning Spritz > 1,2,3 Conditioning Spritz
  4. Conditioning Rinse > Rosewater + Jojoba Rinse 
  5. Sugar Scrub > Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub

An important thing to note is that jojoba oil is pretty pricey per ounce.  I use it full strength on my face however I normally cut it with a cheaper oil like safflower, grapeseed or almond oil to stretch it in other recipes.  You should be able to find jojoba oil in your local health food store.  If you want to purchase it online for less use my referral code from Vitacost.com and get $10 off your order.


4 thoughts on “Yo Jo-Jo And A Bottle of Oil: All About Jojoba Oil.

    • Good point! I forgot to add that there has been a worldwide shortage of jojoba oil going around, and many product manufacturers have opted to change their product ingredients due to the shortage.

  1. “Jojoba oil must be bottled from sebum of our Heavenly Father. ” hahaha God is def on #teamNatural

    thanks robbin! I was wondering why the prices have sky rocked all of a sudden

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