Swag Me Out: Derby City Naturals On Essence

Yeah, this happened!

Yep that’s right Derby City Naturals hosts National Natural Hair Meetup Day Event was featured at Essence online!

The lovely, dimpled face featured to rep us Derby City girls is no other than my bestie Nu.  Her gorgeous curls and captivating smile really capture the essence of this event. (Punny, I know).  A complete recap of the event with more pictures is in the works but for now make sure you scroll through the gallery on Essence and check out our hot hair.

In case you didn’t know, National Natural Hair Meetup Day is an annual one-day event which was held this year on May 19, 2012. Its purpose is to allow the opportunity for women across the U.S. to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing and connecting virtually with other women across the country participating in meetups on the same day. Natural hair meetups are events designed to share information, techniques, inspiration and products to aid individuals in their natural hair journey.  I would like to thank Adeea aka The Trendy Socialite and the rest of the NNHMD team for pulling off a fantastic idea.

A super-big-shot-out to my photographer Debra Brown, aka one-shot-Debra, for capturing all the head shots of the attendees. You did a GREAT job!

Next year’s Inter-National Natural Hair Meetup Day Event will be held on May 18, 2013. So mark you calendars!

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15 thoughts on “Swag Me Out: Derby City Naturals On Essence

  1. Congrats and how exciting for you all! You all were beautiful and repping us Naturals in the best way!!! Can you please let us know what Nu’s regimen is her curls are gorgeous!!!!

  2. Hey hey hey now!!!! Louisville Ladies Please Stand Up!!!! Baby girl you did an awesome job putting this event on. I have nothing but love for ya chica:-) Keep rising to the top & make things happen! Can I go head & put my bid in for a vendor spot again?lol. #NewHeightsNewLevels

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