Product Review: Clearly Natural Essentials Soap

Clearly Natural Essentials

Honeysuckle Glycerin Soap

4oz, $1.99

Available at Whole Foods, Walgreens or online

ing: Glycerine , Coconut , Palm and , or Palm Kernel , Vegetable Derived Surfactants (Coconut/Corn/Sugar) , Corn Derived Humectants , Sodium Citrate , Blend of Natural Aromas and Essential Oils , Saffron , Annatto , Caramel Color , Beet Juice

This is the second bar soap I decided to check out in my bar soap challenge.  As a young girl I remember my Granny having pretty decorative glycerin soaps in the guest bathroom that we were never allowed to use.  I always wanted some and planned that one day they would be mine.

This brand is relatively inexpensive and I had to stop myself from grabbing 3-4 bars just on nostalgic GP.  I opted to go with the honeysuckle because it smelled just plain delightful.  I love the smell of honeysuckle and it is not often that you find products with this light, sweet floral scent so I had to have it.

5 Things I Liked About This Product:

  1. I LOVE THE HONEYSUCKLE SCENT.  I mean it smells like real honeysuckle which is one of my fav fragrances.
  2. Its relatively inexpensive.  You can easily pick up 3-4 bars to add a little color accent to your bathroom just like my Granny did.
  3. It is moisturizing.  Glycerin is a natural humectant so it adds moisture to your skin.
  4. Its transparent. Why does this matter? Well it doesn’t really but for some reason I like the fact that I can see through the product and it gives it a natural appeal.
  5. Vegetable derived formula so it is vegan friendly.

This bar is not on my repurchase list, at least not for my face/body cleansing needs.  The product performed okay but it was not able to remove my make-up.  I took this bar with me to Atlanta where it was very hot and humid.  I washed several times a day and this soap bar did a good job of removing the sweat without drying out my skin.  I feel however for heavier really grimy days that this bar does not have enough cleaning power. If/when I get a spare bathroom I think I will grab a few bars and toss them in there for the visual and fragrant appeal.

I purchased this product with my own money and I was in no way compensated for this review by the product manufacturer or the store where I purchased the product.


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