The Coiffure Project: Natural Hair Photography by Glenford Nunez

If you follow Derby City Naturals on FB then you should have seen my fake Tumblr album. It is a collection of photos I have ran across on the internet that I feel embody the culture of natural hair.  One of my subbies shared a link to The Coiffure Project and I immediately fell in love.  My first thought was: wow a photographer who finally gets it!  I wanted to share every single photo I saw but decided just to share a few and give you guys a link to check out the entire album.  You will not be disappointed.

Glenford Nunez is the photographer and owner of TYP Photography Studio in Baltimore, Md and the creator of The Coiffure Project.  He started this project because he felt that woman with natural hair were notably absent from quality photo galleries of the fashion and art world (I agree).  Click this link to check out the complete gallery.  He also accepts submissions, so if you would like to be part of The Coiffure Project please email with recent photos.


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