Product Review: One With Nature Shea Butter Soap

One With Nature

Shea Butter Soap 

7 oz, $4.99

Available at Whole Foods Stores or Online

ing: Saponified Palm and Palm Kernel Oils, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Fragrance, Dead Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Salt, Vitamin E

So I decided to take a break from Dr. Bronner’s and check out some of the bar soaps available.  My little prince uses bar soap.  It is easier for us because he is able to wash himself up with spilling it like with liquid soap and it is so darn inexpensive.

They have so many varieties to choose from I decided to go with shea butter because it smelled so darn delicious and I felt it would be moisturizing since shea is the second ingredient.  My estimations were spot on the smell was so light and fresh and gave my bathroom a warm polite scent.  

5 Things I Liked About This Product:

  1. It works. It got my face and body clean removed make-up, dirt, grime, sweat and anything else we threw at it.
  2. It was not drying.  Most of the complaints with bar soap is that it is drying and leaves your skin feeling tight or itchy. That was not the case with this product.
  3. It rinses clean.  Another soap complaint is that it leaves behind a residue. That was not the case here, it left my skin feeling nice, soft, clean and moisturized but there was no coating.
  4. It lasts.  JK and I both used this soap and it lasted us for a little over a month. At 7 ounces it is much larger than your standard soaps and it too big for soap holders.  We cut ours in half so it would fit.
  5. Its affordable.  Now I know that you can buy a 3 pack of Ivory for $3.99, however how long will that bar last? This bar is a  better value because you do not need as much to clean yourself and it does not simply dissolve to goop at its first interaction with water.

This bar is definitely on my re-purchase list, although I would like to experiment with some of the other scents.  Great value, vegan, and contains no artificial colors or fragrances.  If you have sensitive skin and are using Ivory or Dove you should give these soaps a try, I think your skin will agree with me.  If you do not live near a Whole Foods Store (which is where I purchased this soap) you can purchase from their website.  Like them on facebook and receive 15% off your order with code: facebook.

I purchased this product with my own money and I was in no way compensated for this review by the product manufacturer or the store where I purchased the product.


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