That’s What Curlfriends Are For

I have some pretty awesome curlfriends.  I have spoke about them in various posts but I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few and share their awesomeness with you.

Lolie is my sista from another mista.  She is a brilliant entrepreneur and owner of Found Naturally, a natural hair store based in St Louis, MO.  Check out her e-store and watch because she has great sales too.

Brokey is a brilliant and talented writer.  You have probably read one of her fantastic pieces and may have not even known it.  Plus she can work a no-fail bantu knot-out.  Check out her amazing natural hair blog:

Tanya is a great YouTuber.  She loves to try new products and travels a lot for her job so she is always good at discovering new products across the country and letting you know which products will work in a HAIRmergency even in the middle of nowhere.  Check her out on YT Tanya10312000.

Tracie is an aesthetician like no other.  She has been in the skincare game for years and is often called upon to train those in the field on how to step their game up.  She is also an LMT so she can hook up all your beauty needs: skincare, facials, massages, waxing, eyebrow shaping, the works! Check out her FB page and if you are local to Louisville, KY make an appointment with her at the salon by calling 502-423-3239.

I have to be honest and say I have never met Rory in real life, but she has provided me with so much encouragement as a blogger, vlogger and in life that I feel as if we are just connected.  I cannot say enough about the excellent job she does on Boo’s hair, not just as a White mother, but as a mother period!  Check out

Pamela, Mz Jenkins if you nasty, is a fabulous natural hair product manufacturer and owner of Koils by Nature.  Sure she sponsors giveaways for me, but trust me when I say I really buy her products–she ain’t about to give everything away!  I buy her stuff for myself and send to my family as gifts– she even did a special gift wrap for my brother’s birthday.  If you love them men in your life get them some of her butter and throw out that Duke!

3 things I love: red hair, curly hair and positive spirit.  Is it any wonder that me and Jessica of Jessicurl became fast friends?  Jess is such an awesome person and very down to Earth.  She is also proof that this white hair/black hair division is just foolish.  Good hair products are formulated to treat hair needs and care nothing of race.  Check out her Deep Conditioning Treatment is on some grown woman sh*t.

Unfortunately Jess will NOT be at the WNHS this weekend, however she did bestow on me a parting gift for three of my curlfriends!  I have TWO coupon codes to receive 25% off your order at  And 1 free shipping coupon code  The first three people to request the codes will get them.  Coupons expire 5/1/2012, serious inquiries only!

These are just a few of my awesome amigas.  Stay tuned for future posts on other naturals I know, that you should know too!


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