Purchase Your NNHMD Tote

National Natural Hair Meetup Day is fast approaching and all things are falling into place.  As a member of the national planning committee one thing we are striving for is to take the  best of our experience and knowledge and to put it toward making this the best event ever.

Many of us grumbled that while we love have a commemorative item we really just didn’t want another darn t-shirt.  I am not a t-shirt wearer unless its to bed, working out or styling my hair but I don’t need to pay $$ for that.  In walks the fabulous idea of a tote bag something that is both functional, reusable and cute making it a triple threat.

You can order your tote bags on the NNHMD website for $20 INCLUDING SHIPPING!  The tote bags comes embroidered with the NNHMD logo and is large enough to accommodate at 17″ laptop.

Remember to purchase your tickets for the DCN hosts NNHMD event sponsored by Hair Rules.  You can also visit the NNHMD website to find a meetup location in your area.


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