How to Be Natural: A Natural Hair Rant

YT is messy.  Their related videos feature can be dangerous.  Last night I watched a vid from a popular YTer and after it was over I clicked on one of the suggested videos.  This women was off her rocker.  She talked about how only cowashing was a way to guarantee growth and to not use shampoo.  She also stated that it is important to use oil to seal and that she only uses the best oils and hold up a bottle of One ‘n Only Argan Oil.  Now there is nothing wrong with this products except for the fact that is isn’t argan oil, it is silicone– 3 different kinds of silicone to be exact.  Now there is a touch of argan oil in ther but it is listed after the fragrance meaning there is actually more scent in this product then argan oil.  Labels, you have got to read the labels people.  What makes it more comical is that after she talks about using oils she mentions never to use silicones.  So after watching this vid and another atrocious “informative vids” I decided to go on a natural hair rant. 

I formulated a list of common offenses and questions I see in YT vids on forums and asked in FB groups.  Please bookmark and refer others to this list as necessary. Also if you see something I missed leave a comment.

My Top 20 Tips On How To Be Natural

  1. Use water or water-based moisturizers to moisturize you hair.  Water-based moisturizers are things made up primarily of water or where water is the first ingredient.  Aloe Vera plant is > 95% water which is why it is often used alone as moisturizer or as a product base.
  2. OILS DO NOT MOISTURIZE. Oils are used to seal in the moisture from the water or water-based moisturizer.  I know some smart ass is going to find some obscure study that shows that some oil can penetrate and blah, blah, blah.  I don’t wanna hear it.
  3. You cannot solely cowash your hair/scalp. Co-wasing is conditioner washing or using conditioner to “wash” your hair. Only cowashing your hair is the equivalent to washing your body with baby wipes.  Sure it will remove some of the dirt/oil without excessive drying but eventually you need to actually wash.  If you have build-up you need a cleanser.
  4. Sally’s does not sell oil.  The products you find there may be marketed as oils but they are a mix of oils and silicone.  Now if that is what you want to use on your hair then fine.  But if you are looking for oil go to the grocery.
  5. Water does not dry out your hair.  The water simply evaporates which is why we use oil/butter/silicone to seal in the moisture.
  6. If you have silicone in ur regimen then you better have a sulfate cleaner to remove it (or a natural clarifier).
  7. Shampoo is for your scalp, conditioner is for your hair. Unless you have mounds of build up the suds will clean ur hair so your focus should be on cleansing the scalp.
  8. You DO NOT have to buy a lot of products. That is pure choice. I can skate through on just aloe and oil alone and look good.  That said I like to play with products so I buy them, its a hobby.
  9. Butters/oils will not necessarily make you greasy & breakout. There are too many different kinds some light some heavy find one that works for you.
  10.  Eff hair typing!  The way your curl looks isn’t a key to what products to use! Learn porosity, density, texture, elasticity.
  11.  Quit relying on YTers to be your everything. Read a DARN book like The Science of Black Hair and investigate other sources. There is no instant answer.
  12.  If you are healthy then your hair will grow. So quit asking how to make it grow your body does that naturally.
  13.  Instead of growth WORRY ABOUT RETENTION that means how to keep it! This is where low manipulation, moisturizing and protecting your ends come in to play.
  14. Curl defining products only make your curl pattern more noticeable. They do not change it or create it. The way your curls look soaking wet full of condish is the best/curliest/defined they will ever look.
  15. A little frizz ain’t neva killed nobody. You can try if you wanna to dominate it, but you might go crazy in the process.
  16.  If you want a more defined twist/braid out either: use more strands (like a 3 strand twist), use a defining product, or do it on wet hair.
  17.  If you want a more elongated look do it on dry hair or with a butter/custard low hold product.
  18. “Heat training” ain’t nothing but a cute way of saying heat damaged.
  19. NO, YOU CANNOT FIX/REVERT STRAIGHT DAMAGED ENDS. Either rock with them or cut them.
  20. Single Strand Knots do exist and they are a pain and there is no way around it. Search, destroy, move on.
There are no hard rules for how to care for your natural hair. Bloggers and vloggers can only guide you, you have to take their advice and figure it out for yourself.

15 thoughts on “How to Be Natural: A Natural Hair Rant

  1. “She also stated that it is important to use oil to seal and that she only uses the best oils and hold up a bottle of One ‘n Only Argan Oil.”

    bwahahaha. This is why you have to be careful of who you seek advice from. Great post ;-)

  2. So much of having natural hair relies on your own hair’s chemistry. Personally, I can’t imagine not using shampoo to cleanse my scalp and hair. Conditioner coats the hair, leading to build-up, to make it behave. It’s akin to using fabric softener to wash your clothes. Would you really do that? Besides, there are tons of amazing organic shampoos and natural remedies to properly clean the hair, i.e. soap nuts, saponified coconut oil, etc. And I definitely don’t use argan oil as overall it’s culled from an endangered species and is anti-fair trade. If used it, I’d feel like a vegan who eats chicken nuggets! Not only is it important to know what you’re using and how to use it, it’s equally important to know the source of your ingredients and how its manufactured. Besides, argan oil was scientifically proven not to be any better for hair than our standard oils we’ve been using for years. I long for the day when we naturals TRULY educate ourselves instead of following the status quo.

  3. oh yes, I’m sure a lot of naturalistas have had to BC again watching YT…thank goodness I glean what I can from YT Land

  4. Girl, you are speaking the truth up in here lol I cringe when people say they don’t shampoo, only conditioner wash. To me, that’s like trying to wash your body with a baby wipe…ain’t gonna work.

    And I learned a long time ago to take YTers with a grain of salt. Anyone with a camera can be a “guru” these days.

    • :) I watch YTers for the entertainment value since soooo many take themselves so seriously. Not to mention the amount of money some of them are earning to push products that are pure crap!

  5. I certainly use hair grease and water on my hair with stellar results after wasting much money on the natural organic stuff that left my hair looking parched. It’s crazy but I’m sticking with what is tried and true from my past despite what the YTubers say!!

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