Product Review Mozeke Rhassoul Deep Detox Cleanser


Rhassoul Deep Detox Cleanser

8 oz for $11.50

Available at

ing:  Aloe Vera Juice, Rhassoul clay, Kaolin clay, Dead Sea Mud, Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Optiphen.

The quick and the dirty: I love this product.  It is really as simple as that.  I know many of your are thinking that washing your hair with mud is just insane. You are right, it’s insanely awesome!  This mudwash detox cleanser does everything you want a cleanser to do: clean your strands back to their naked state, without leaving your hair feeling like a brillo pad.  Yes, you can quote me, it does all of that.

5 Things I Love About This Product

  1. It really works.  Gently cleanses your hair back to healthy.
  2. Simple natural ingredients that you can pronounce.
  3. No paraben, silicone, sulfates, phthalates or any other undesirables.
  4. Easy to use. No measuring or mixing just apply, let sit and rinse off.
  5. Actually left my hair feeling good.  I have often skipped my rinse out or deep conditioner and just used a leave in to style.

Some things to note: application is messy.  I mean it is mud after all.  Apply in the shower so that any mess can just be sprayed down the drain.  Also, the product smells like dirt.  This is a gimme but some people are shocked.  There are no perfumes or scent oils added to make this smell good.  If you made mud pies as a kid you will know the smell.  I have not used the other mud washes on the market so I cannot compare but I like this product.  I have purchased, repurchased and shared with my friends because well it works.


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