Shop AveYou Beauty Boutique

Have you heard about AveYou? is an online beauty boutique that retails tons of hair products, make up, nail polish and appliances; its like Amazon for beauty products. The AveYou team is very hip on what’s hot in hair and beauty brands and are constantly adding products to their harem.  The pricing is good and they regularly offer great specials and deals like % off or free shipping.  They also have great giveaways on their FB page and always throw coupons in your package to use on your next order.

5 Things I Love About AveYou

  1. They carry a wide variety of brands for curly girls like: Jessicurl,Entwine, Camille Rose, Curls,Curl Junkie, Deva Curl, Donna Marie, Hydratherma Naturals and PhytoSpecific to name a few.
  2. They ship your orders in these super cute resusable shopping bags.  I have quite a collection of them :)
  3. They ship FAST!  I normally receive a confirmation within a few hours of placing an order, a shipping notice within 24 hours and receive my shipment within 5 days!
  4. Their customer service is amazing!  I had an issue with a shipment and I emailed them late one night.  I had a response email that next morning.
  5. They help solve the “My-favorite-product-manufacturer-is-on-the-opposite-side-of-the-country-and-shipping-is-really-high-dilemma”.  I love Jessicurl products but shipping from California to Kentucky is high (no fault of Jessicurl, just the cost of doing business).  However I can still get my products from AveYou with reduced shipping costs so it is a win for everyone.

Check out AveYou on FB, Twitter and online.  Also they are currently having a promotion of  FREE SHIPPING through Friday 3/30 11:59 pm EST with coupon code SPRINGSHIP12.


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