Up In Smoke: How My Family Ruined My Natural Hair

I love my family, but when they get together out comes the wine + beer followed by the cigarettes -_- At first they were going outside to smoke, then my aunt looks at me and says “It’s too d@mn cold to keep going outside and this is my house. Plus you the only one that doesn’t smoke so if you don’t like it YOU can go outside.” Disrespectful.

So how do you deal when your natural hair is scented with eau du cigarette? As for me, I did a molasses pre-poo, followed by mud wash, and deep conditioner.  *sigh*  I thought about wearing a swim cap to prevent the smoke from penetrating my hair shaft but that would just look silly.  

Here are a few remedies I found on the web

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on dry hair, leave on overnight then brush out in the morning.
  2. Place a dryer sheet in your satin bonnet, leave on overnight then remove in the morning.
  3. Spritz your hair with Febreeze odor eliminating spray.
  4. A product called Banish personal smoke eliminator.
  5. Covering your hair with scarf, bandanna or headwrap.

My best advice is that next time you plan on attending a function with smokers: family dinner, bar/nightclub or sporting event; go with “dirty” hair and wash it as soon as you get home.


3 thoughts on “Up In Smoke: How My Family Ruined My Natural Hair

  1. Hmm, those are great tips!!! I not normally around smoke that excessively but I’ll keep this in mine when I am!!!

  2. Yep, I’ll always vote for an immediate wash over short term solutions or cover-ups. However, I’ve heard the baking soda trick works well and Febreeze. But if I couldn’t wash right afterward, I’d opt for a (fashionable, of course) head wrap.

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