Natural Hairstyle Chunky Twists

I used to hate chunky twists.  I just thought they looked absolutely awful on me.

And then, well, they didn’t.

I was preparing to go to my cousin’s baby shower and wanted to flaunt a fabulous ‘do.  The twist-out is my go to style but I was too tired to twist my hair as normal so I decided to rock out with 24 twist (4 in the back + 6 in the middle + 4 on each side above my ears + 6 on top) this is half of the amount of twists I normally do.  I planned on throwing a knit cap over them in anticipation of a fugly look but it turns out that I actually like the way it looked.  More than that I was able to complete them in 30 minutes, score!

Chunky Twists

Chunky Twist-Out  I tried this style several more times since then and will have more posts including product review on Bee Mine Curly Butter used to create it and ways to style your twist-out.


9 thoughts on “Natural Hairstyle Chunky Twists

    • No ma’m this is no-country-for-raggedy-ends. I keep my shears close by and destroy them as necessary. I give myself a nice trim about twice a year then do search and destroy for splits and knots whenever i am bored or idle.

  1. Wow! Your 24 twists (for a chunky twist out) is double the number of twists I do for a “defined” twist out, lol. Gotta love the versatility of our hair!

    In any case, the twist out looks good! I bet you can get away with an even “chunkier” twist out. You think?

    • I doubt it, i have a rather large head and a lot of hair! But as your hair gets longer you can decrease the number of plaits required. Maybe by the end of the year if i stop cutting it i can get it down to 12. I will play around and see.

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